Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RTT: Dreams and Assimilation

I am now officially British. And spoiled. Rotten.
Check out my new coat that I picked up at the Spirit of Christman Expo in London on Sunday. I saw the coat in the morning and thought about it (and it's heavy price tag) all day, fretting one moment that dear Daddy-007 would be pissed if I got it and daydreaming the next moment about walking around in it looking so veddy English I could just burst. I ended up heading back to the booth an hour before the expo ended and asking if they could make a deal on the coat. The salesman explained that I would already be getting the coat for a "deal," as it was being offered for £50 less than the store price. I gave him this look:

And that look got me another £20 off. [Can you hear my patting myself on the back?]

Before I blew all my money on that coat, I managed to find some lovely presents for my gals back home, some really precious little linen dresses for my nieces, and a really sassy new lead for our dear little dog (who is living with Auntie and Uncle) that everyone in the family is missing more than ever. It's like the cold weather has made us all realize that there is a gaping hole where Austin (the little black lab that never grew up; even at 13 she'd still look like a pup if it wasn't for all the gray) used to be. She should be lazing about the house with me all day, going from bed to the couch, to the sheepskin, to whatever comfy spot that is near someone who'll dole out a cuddle. *sniff*

Sometimes, the only people (outside of family) I talk to all day are the ones who are on twitter. Such is life in the country. When it is rainy and dreary. And you have to miss out on coffee with the ladies to drop your husband off in a town called Shirley because his bike was getting a tune-up.

Just sayin'.

BlogHer '10 has been on my mind. I'm struggling because I want to go, honestly, I can barely imagine not going! But, it is going to be on the weekend of August 6th, and if I am going to be in the States for only three weeks to see family and friends, it seems crazy to take four days of that to run off to NYC. I have to make it work somehow, though, or I will forced to eat my liver the entire weekend while everyone else in blogland is making merry at the conference.

And besides that, now that I've been to one BlogHer, I feel like I'll know how to navigate the next one a lot more intelligently and logically. I.e., I won't be going just for the parties. ;)

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course, I'm still going for the parties!! But I will totally pick all the right panels that will teach me how to make my blog 100-times more awesome and profitable than it is right now. In between getting free massages, make-up sessions, and styling tips from ladies with too much foundation.

And I will not be talked into buying $300 worth of moisterizer from the Clarins rep again. No matter how many freebies she swears she will throw in the box!! (I still shake my head in disbelief that I did this. Every night as I put on the night cream. And again, every morning as I put on the day cream.)

But doesn't my skin feel so soft?? (I tell myself, through the silent tears.)

Alright, ya'll, it has been another amazing Random Tuesday Thoughts.... brought to you by the Head Mistress of Meandering Mindplay KEELY at Unmom.com.

AND one more thing: I won an Honest Scrap Award! From the beautiful Neesh, over at Powerful Beyond Measure. Thanks, my truthful friend!


  1. That's a great looking coat, you are a great negotiator too!

  2. You totally do look British-- I thought that with your Twitter pic, and even more so now!

    And, I do hope you make it to NY. Would so love to see you again.

    (And I have totally been suckered into overpriced creams and routines. A total waste.)

  3. i love the coat.. I'd so need one these days... Germany is as windy and rainy as UK so naturally I'd need one:)
    And BlogHer.. so wish i could make it.. but not a chances:(

    anyway...Happy Tuesday!

    *my RTT is up too :)


  5. That is a seriously bitchin coat woman. Nice find.

  6. I hope you do go since I think I'll be able to make it this year! I will have to steer clear of the mind control experts selling moisturizer though. I'm never NOT ready to be brainwashed into buying skincare products.

    Love the new coat. And very impressed by the haggling.

  7. Wow 70 pounds off… and I thought that haggling was dead.

    I totally missed the opportunity to "sneak in" and hobnob with people when BlogHer was at Chicago. I guess I'll just have to wait for them to return to my home city.

    Thanks for your randomness!

  8. Is that the same look you use on the boys when they say they have no homework, Mom, honest?

  9. Whoa - wait a minute. If all of you sconnies are in NYC next year - mayhap I will come and 'out' myself...

    gorgeous coat! it's worth it ;)

  10. Yup. Love the coat. Love the deal.

  11. Nice coat! You look veddy British.

    It's fashion day apparently - I posted fashion too. Really blurry fashion. Oh well.

    I wish you could come to Blissdom '10! So. Much. Fun!

  12. I seriously have coat envy...I'm already picturing the boots you posted on Adictter too...this is what me sitting in the country alone gets me! B/c surely I'll make lots of country friends if I'm all posh looking right? In the meantime I talk to the pup Freya all day long, and she answers me too...don't roll your eyes, I'm serious :p cha cha cha :) L

  13. That's a lot of money to spend on Clarins.

    Have a wonderful RTT!

  14. I think I have said this before but I was never so cold as I was when I lived in London(this from a Cnaadian) The heating sucks and it is always so bloody damp. That coat was worth every p. And I am trying to get up the courage to go to BlogHer, although it will mean "coming out" about my blogging to family & friends.

  15. The coat is not only beautiful, it's now a symbol of your negotiating talents. Plus that look would make me give you whatever you wanted.

  16. It IS a beautiful coat.
    Sadly, I will not be traveling in for BlogHer 10. Just can't afford it next year. But the year after? Maybe? :-)

  17. As my British Mum would say, "Oh Bugga". If you go to Blogher 2010 can I go with you and ride on your cool new coattails?

    I was too green at blogging last year but think it's time. The problem is, I will need guidance on how to do it right.

    Glad to find you from Twitter.

  18. LOVE the coat! You did great with the face to haggle 'em down. Maybe it was all the Clarins you used prior. ;)

    I'm going to BlogHer '10...can I hire you to show me what to do and not to do? ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  19. that coat is awesome! Pat yourself on the back!

  20. I probably would have given you the coat for a song.

    And yes, if you're back, why not go to NYC, Blogher or no BlogHer?

    I'm actually jealous. That sounds like a good time.

  21. Crumbs, you look more English than I do - just up the road from you, about 20 miles away from where you live. I suppose it'll be green Hunter wellies and Hermes headscarves next?!

  22. Hey girl...the hosting on the social bookmarking image at the bottom of your posts is wonky. It's because the folks who wrote it are over bandwidth. I have hosted the image myself, and will gladly change it, if you send me your log in and password:)

  23. I already bought my BlogHer tickets. Now way I am missing this one!

  24. oooh! looking veddy British indeed. which is a lot better than me starting to look Swiss - yuck. Maybe I should pass by your corner of the woods sometime :-)

  25. Uh...don't bring the coat to BlogHer. I'll steal it.

    You've been warned.


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