Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nom Nom Nom.... Haagen-Dazs Winner Revealed!

sAm is walking away with the year's supply of delicious, creamy, Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Congrats, sAm!! She was the lucky 27th entrant of 61 comments and tweets by US-dwelling readers. Enjoy the ice cream and try and keep up that exercise routine to ward off the evils of excess, darlin'.

In other news.... As many of you know, Ann of Ann's Rants, is my bloggy BFF, occasional partner in writing criminally-funny joint posts, and erstwhile cocktail and dinner companion. *sniff* Well, Ann is celebrating her 1st Blogiversary and has written an excellent post on what to expect after a year of blogging. It is spot on and those of you who have been blogging awhile will identify and laugh your ass off at most of her points because they are just too true. :) If you haven't already been over to read it, please go to her site to read and enjoy.

I can honestly say that I would never have stuck with blogging this long if it was not for her constant inspiration, camaraderie, creativity, friendship, enthusiasm, and a touch of competition.

****Thanks, doll! I'll share a king-sized bed at BlogHer with you anytime!****

Our first lunch together!

Congratulations, Ann!


  1. Ann's post was awesome. You guys are awesome. So glad our paths have crossed.

  2. Speechless.

    Okay, you know that could never happen.

    So many thanks. So much love. Missing you...

    Regretting that red hat.


  3. That last photo makes me laugh so hard.

    Could you be more gorgeous?

    I mean, without the boa??

  4. It's a good thing you moved I have a feeling you two are trouble when you get together. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. So sweet. BFFs are the best.

  6. You guys are so so so so beautiful.


  7. LOVE the photos - next time I go visit my friend, we've gotta do the photo booth. Love it! Thanks for the prize...I need to get my dairy in somehow, y'know!! And the ice cream is a perfect reason to convince myself I HAVE to get out there and run - even if I don't feel like it - after all, it's ice cream!


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