Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday: Over the hill and through the dale

Time for more Random moments from life in the UK.

I have photographed our walk to and from school for your viewing pleasure. It is just over a mile and not like any walk to school that I've ever been on...and I grew up pretty deep in the rural Ozarks. I know my country walks, people. I love this walk so much because there are about 20 ways to get there, so you never have to take the same road back or even the same path for a week of walks. It is glorious. Of course, I haven't had to make the walk in an English drizzle yet.... so I might be changing my tune in a few weeks.

It takes about 10 minutes for us to drive the 6 miles into town because the country roads are so winding and slow-going. 40 miles-per-hour has never been so harrowing as when you are zipping down a road that is about foot shy of being an actual two-lane road and is surrounded on both sides by 12-foot hedgerows! Do you see that divet in the hedge about three feet above the road-line? That has been carved out of the hedge by side-view mirrors! Swear to God, I am not making this stuff up.

Where the trees grow over the roads there are square tunnels cut out of them. My husband and I debated for the first few weeks here whether or not hedgerow maintenance crews came through all the roads to keep the hedges at bay and if that is how they remain so straight and trimmed.... After a month here, we know that they are like this from the giant semis (lorries, as they call them here) that zoom through like giant monstertrucks that a have been put down on a Matchbox car playset. They, quite literally, knock branches off trees, trim leaves off overgrowths, and carve their way through anything in their path. Including you, if you don't pull over fast enough. It is terrifying to come across one when coming around a corner because they are inevitably in the middle of the road. The left hand side of our car is already scratched up from the hedges and the tires are all covered in marks from hitting the gravel, sometime curbs, and scraping them against all kinds of roadside debris.

That's all the random-ness I've got for today! Oh, except one more piece of bad news....

We found out that we will only be able to keep Winsome Cottage until next summer! [Wimper.] Hopefully another rental will become available at the right time in this area. I've already started meeting the other moms and they seem like a really excellent crew.

Go see what Keely is up to over at The Un-Mom if you need some more randomness in your life. And check out Captain Dumbass (who won that Kodak video camera I gave away last month)- his random thoughts always crack me up.



  1. What a great walk to school. Reminds me of when I tauight at a Catholic college in New Hampshire and walked a little over a mile across the fields and through the woods to my office every day. Grape vines had entwined the trees, and in September I'd reach up and pull down a handful of concord grapes to eat alonmg the way on my way home.

  2. What gorgeous pictures, and the church is breath taking! I thought that kind of scenery was only in books! So lucky of you that you live in the midst of it, and the boys can get out and enjoy it. Color me jealous!

  3. Thanks so much for taking us on that great walk to school. What an excellent walk and the cows are just a kick!Love it!

    I always wondered about those hedgerows and how they were maintained. Love the side-mirror carving!Gah!

    The best random of the day!

  4. "Really excellent crew"? You are all english on me now. Before you would have said "Fully BITCHIN group".....seems like only months ago.....{wipe eyes}


    Love the walk to school and home. How did you know you were allowed to go on other people's property though? i mean did you ask the cow people? Or do the English not care about such petty things???


  5. You didn't mention how you were doing finally driving on the RIGHT side of the road :)))
    Bloody Americans!!! lol...

  6. Braja, we always drive on the right side.

    Oh, I suppose you mean "correct"

    Damned Yogis.


  7. How sweet is all that? Loved the walk!

  8. That is great! I love the narration throughout the walk. Almost reminds me of my directions to my house from High School— Left Turns all the way…

  9. I love the walk, but it looks like you should be packing a tent and extra food.

  10. That is quite the walk! No worries about watching calories over there!

  11. I enjoyed your walk and I hope you all have wellies . . . because you are going to need them!

  12. Is this your way of mocking me? It's not like I created those windy roads. I would have made them all straight. And hey, those grooves are not from wing mirrors, that was me in my miniature plane.

  13. What a great adventure just getting to and from school is. LOVED the shots with the cows in the pasture. There's something very 'not of this era' about the look of that trip. Your photos alone make me want to move to England!

  14. How dare they kick you out of the cottage!

    I wouldn't leave if I were you. . . just wouldn't leave!

  15. So jealous of that walk...and Winsome Cottage, even for a year!

  16. Ah - typical English countryside. Those hedges are lethal in the summer...


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