Friday, September 11, 2009

More Bits and Bots from the England

The kids are all finally in school: Yeah!! As I said goodbye to my littlest one on Wednesday morning, as he embarked on his first day at his new daycare, I tried to summon up a little sadness, a tiny bit of remorse regarding his growing up and leaving his mum behind.... But I just couldn't get past the elation that seemed to lift me right off the ground as skipped to the car and then drove away in flurry of flying gravel and spinning tires. :)

Imagine the giant grin on my face. Yes, you know the one. It is the kind of grin one can only attain when they are not only happy, but feeling like they are totally getting away with something.


The Animal is happy as can be at his new school, it turns out. (Yes, I swear, that is his "happ face!")
He actually came home from his first day with a little paper crown that he made and wore it around, proud as a peacock, until I made him take it off to go jump on the trampoline. This is significant only in that he NEVER did arts and crafts at his old preschool. Being a woman of some artistic temperament and abilities, I yearn for the little pieces of craft and art that my boys bring home so terribly infrequently. Instead of creating a steady supply of paperworks that I would happily clutter up every surface in my home to display, I get Lego creations that are quickly destroyed and reshaped. Or I get half-hearted answers about how they spent their day ("I don't know." "Ummmmm, I don't remember!").

I crave evidence of work done, milestones achieved! I get precious few.... but my little guy brought home another gem on his second day. And will there be another tonight?? His new school may just be a "daycare" and not the preschool that I loved back home, but I will say that if he's happy and bringing me goodies to show that happiness on paper? Well, then, I am happy too.

Go see what the hilarious Jessica Bern is doing to promote ovarian cancer awareness. After you've blown Mountain Dew out your nose at her priceless impersonation of "Aunt Flo," take a moment to go here and register with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. It just takes a couple of clicks, and for every registrant, Seventh Generation will donate $1 to this important cause. Thank you!

I totally stole that from Anna Lefler's site, Life Keeps Getting Weirder, mostly because I was too lazy to write my own little spiel for Jessica. No matter how I got the verbage, please go support the cause!


  1. So glad that your boys are all happy and settling in and that you have become a "Mum" like me. How is hubby's school going? If he needs tutoring he could always call my in-house marine architect.

  2. So glad the animal likes his school and please can we assume you have internet now??

  3. I love the art work that comes home. We started plastering it on their walls though which takes a lot of effort out of having to decorate the yourself.

  4. Glad to hear everyone is getting settled and enjoying it!

  5. In many ways I'd like to spend more time wearing paper crowns. Although not royalty, I like to think myself as a bit of a king.

  6. Ahh yes, I ask my son how his day was and he just gives me the famous "fine" answer and doesn't feel the need to elaborate.

  7. By far one of the best happy faces I've ever seen. Oliver started school this week - but not many art projects have made it home yet. Those few hours that he is at school and the twins are napping (which for the past three days has meant "beating each other up in their room") are heaven. Today I caught up on some things while watching some Project Runway. Hedonism...

  8. You mean you're free during the day and Ann and I aren't THERE???? What kinda karmic crap is this.....

  9. first of all: how happy was I to hear from you and I sooooo owe you a hello and I love you.

    Now, when are you coming back again?

    Also, big props for the shout out for the Let's Talk Period campaign.

    Big kiss and I'm thrilled things are going well.

  10. Wonderful news! Hope you keep on getting those craft-like gems!

  11. Oh my God I felt the same kids are growing up and while I feel a little nostalgic about that I also felt some relief.

    I put Maile on the bus and I was all "Ok moms cry at this part...moms cry...CRY DAMMIT!"

    And yet. Nothing.

    I'm glad I'm not alone in that.


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