Monday, September 07, 2009

It's been so long, I hardly know where to start....

This posting intermittently thing really stinks for continuity in blogging, but I will plow forward with current events and backfill as needed when I've got the luxury of internet in my house. (Yes, I have a new-found appreciation and outlook on this service that I took as my God-given right not so very long ago!)

First up, today is the boys' first day of school! Don't they look adorable in their uniforms? They look a bit like they are going to the firing squad, but really they are completely excited to finally get to school and meet some kids their age. They have done very well playing with just each other, but they are definitely ready to add more kids in the mix and get back in a routine. For my money, this might just be the second happiest day of my life, superseded only by the imminent day that finds all THREE of the boys in school and internet at my fingertips at home. (I believe the expression is "Like a pig in shit.....," no? *snort*)

Next up, my CC (Capt. Chaos) turned 10!!! He was started the day out well, but storm clouds started to gather while I was out trying to piece together the last bits of school uniforms in Salisbury. I got a desperate call from Daddy-Double-Oh-Seven,as I was meandering my way home on the treacherous country roads that make up the bulk of my driving here, saying that CC had retreated to his room in tears and was depressed about having his birthday here in the UK, so far from all his friends and loved ones. The bright side of his call was that the trampoline that I have been trying to procure for the past month, FINALLY arrived!

I sped for home, throwing caution (and my sideview mirrors) to the wind, knowing that I had a secret happy-maker weapon in one of my bags from town. Being Mom-Extraordinaire is easy on some days, and today I lucked out by finding the perfect gift for CC and buying it (even though, technically I wasn't supposed to get anymore gifts for him because we had blown our load the day before at Legoland (amazing, fun, awesome, ....and financially draining).

I got home and went upstairs to find him cowering, crying, distraught under a pile of blankets in the corner of his room. Way worse than I expected. :( I talked to him and no words seem to comfort him, so I pulled out my secret weapon: "Well, I was going to wait until dinner, but do you want your birthday present now?" You know a glimmer of happiness crossed that little face of his, don't you? So, I had him wait and I went downstairs and got out the presents and put them in a bag, brought them up, and let him open them. I wish I had a video of his face as it went from the depths of depression to joy, with a look at me that said, YOU always know how to make me feel better, Mom. Aint't life grand when your worries can be repaired with this:

Yeah, that's right. Problem solved with a soft, fuzzy Bart Simpson bathrobe and some snazzy slippers, to boot. He instantly stripped to his boxers and wrapped himself up in all its microfiber, snuggly glory and headed to play the Wii with his brother. Disaster, depression and doom: Circumvented. Thanks, Mom!!!

The next step was going to town to pick out a birthday cake. The birthday boy picked out a cake shaped like a massive black spider and cooked up a whole scheme for a dinner by candlelight, followed by an unveiling of the cake, which we were all to keep super-secret-hush-hush from everyone else in the family. The plan went off without a hitch (unless you count the Animal screaming and crying that he "just wanted to see the cake" every hour, on the hour, for the rest of the afternoon).

We had CC's favorites for dinner, roast chicken and spaetzle, and we had toasts to CC's birthday and toasts for the imminent departure of our babysitter, Gigi.

We dropped Gigi off at Heathrow on Saturday morning and I am still recovering.... I am once again the only female in a house of raging testosterone and male activity and it is completely overwhelming. Gigi has not only been our helper, sitter, and buffer while she was here for the past three weeks; she has been my friend. We spent a lot of time chatting, talking, laughing, and relating. She is an amazing girl for just being on the edge of 18 and I am really going to miss her. We have high hopes that we will be able to lure her back after she graduates from high school next year, the seed has been planted, and we will have to see how it grows over the next 10 months. :)
Goodbye, Gigi!!!

I'll end with a slew of photos. I am hoping to get back into town to check in on my baby blog on Wednesday, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans....

These are our keys! Aren't they dreamy? ;) Seriously, though, they are so old-fashioned looking (by American standards) that I can't help but be in love with them a little.
This was taken on the boys' first train ride. We hopped on the train at the station nearest our house (about a couple miles away) and rode into Southampton for the day. The train goes through a field across from our house and I got lucky, snapping this pic as we went by. I say "lucky" because that train moves fast!
Legoland was unbelievable.... Mostly because of this part: All kinds of city scenes from all over the UK and Europe, recreated in Legos. Whoa. I think that I was the most giddy over this part of the park.
We went to the Duxford Air Show on Saturday (150 miles from our house) and had an AWESOME time. The planes that were there were unreal.... A Eurofighter Typhoon was the first one to really get us revved up (imagine a rocket blasting off a half-mile away and you can imagine how loud that thing was as it whizzed by and then flew straight up to 65000 feet with his afterburner glowing orange.... we could almost feel the jet-wash and definitely had to plug our ears) and then the show ended with a aerobatics display by the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force's official aerobatic team (think Blue Angels). It was the coolest air show I've ever been to. I think CC is ready to defect and join the RAF, if they'll have him. ;)


  1. At last!!! Does this mean your broadband is on and running normally?? Missed you xoxoxoxoxox

  2. I know what you mean about Gina. We have one like that and I'm always having to remind myself how young she is because she feels like a peer.

    Happy birthday to CC! That party looked completely awesome.

    All of it does, really. I'm so glad you blog the way you do because I can hear you and it helps because I miss you terribly.

    So I just think about how you got an iPhone and that makes it easier to hate you. ;)


  3. What a special birthday. You are an amazing Mommy.

    So grateful for the update and pics!!

  4. I loved this - all of it.

    So glad you are settling in and having fun!

  5. Let the adventures begin!! What an incredible experience, even without the internet, but having those sweet uniforms totally makes it worth it, right?

    And seriously, I was teary over your CC birthday story - #1 Mom. How much do you totally rock?!

  6. Oh your boys look like perfect English blokes already!

    And your house? I know I've seen pics before, but it looks. . .well. . big!

    And lastly, I have a 21-year-old daughter in England. She just overdrew her bank account again and so is definitely looking for some income. . .

  7. I am jealous of your adventures! It looks like a lovely place to live.

  8. Such great experiences. You're boy look adorable.

  9. This was lovely.

    I was going through all of the emotions as I read along. I felt your frustration for missing the comforts of home, like internet and friends.
    I could totally relate to CC missing his parents moved when I was 8 and I missed my friends terribly!
    I was sad for you when Gigi had to go home...It was nice to have had her there as you and your family made the transition. But to let that last little tie go..that would have been hard for me.
    Lastly, I was jealous of all the super cool new adventures and discoveries you guys are going to make together.
    Keep on rocking in the UK....

    Peace - Rene

  10. Just catching up on all of your adventures of the last weeks. Sounds like you are getting settled. Your boys look adorable in their uniforms!

  11. Happy Birthday to CC! Sorry he is having a rough time, I know it's not a comfort but now that school as started hopefully they will be happy as pie. They look so cute in their uniforms.

  12. Wow, it looks like you are enjoying yourselves! You have been very busy too. Hope things settle down for you and the boys make some friends at school.

  13. My parents up and moved us to New Zealand when I was 10, so I feel for the guy. I'm glad he's looking forward to school though, they look so cute in their uniforms!

  14. can't wait for your internet to be up and running. i can't get enough of your photos. LOVE those keys.

    fingers crossed for an awesome first day of school for the boys.

  15. *Does the Happy Back to School Dance* WoooHooooo!

  16. That last picture is straight gold.

  17. Legoland and an air show? My kids would lose their minds. Kids. Not their father.

  18. Tell CC happy birthday from his buddy CC XX He did not want to travel to lake this weekend because your naked, quiet porch makes him miss CC . My time with you this summer has made me miss you all the more.
    The cricket's are loud, helicopters are spinning, and the 5 C'S are out the "Back Jack"...Hugs to your beautiful boy' !!!! Xp

  19. It's so much fun to see the pictures from your new English life. The Birthday Boy Bathrobe cracked me up. I hope the first day of school went well. xx

  20. Way to save the birthday, Mom!

    Does that bathrobe come in adult sizes? I think mu husband needs one...

  21. You make my heart clench. I long to visit England and see all the places I visited growing up! Oh, your boys in those school uniforms. Cuteness.

    Glad the birthday was a success, can't wait for you to get to roll in internet like a pig in mud ;-)

  22. I miss you! So nice to be reading all about your adventures and getting caught up. Hugs!

  23. OMG!!!! Your sons look ssssooooooo British in those uniforms!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is just too funny! I love those uniforms!!!! They don't even LOOK American, anymore!!!

    And your house...well, you know, it looks like an English mansion. :)

  24. Keep at it - seems as if you're settling in down here in Hampshire UK really well and doing soooo much more than we locals ever get round to. Note to self - get off rear end and go visit more places that I'm now seeing through your eyes! I'm not far away if you ever need anything - but sounds as if you're doing just great!

  25. Wow! What a post...I loved it. All of it! And I love living vicariously thru you...what an adventure! The good, the bad and, well, there IS no ugly now that you have yourselves a trampoline.

    Hope your kids are adjusting and enjoying school......ha ha! Or at least knocking elbows with some fun English lads........

    You are one rocking momma!

  26. It looks like you are settling in very well! Happy birthday to the young man!

  27. OMG...your house is AMAZING! Do you live next door to Madonna;P


  29. What wonder-filled adventures you are having with your family! It's great that you are documenting it so well, we are enjoying the journey along with you, thanks!


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