Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weekly Winners July 27- Aug 2, 2009

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More memories from BlogHer. Here is my new friend, Nina, delivering her beautifully lyric reading during the Community Keynote. She found my blog through the BlogHer Tim Gunn comments not too long before the conference, I went to her blog and fell in love with her gorgeous writing. Go check out this post or this one and tell me you how you couldn't love her, too.

Jessica and Ann at our dinner that is still warming my heart and hanging over my beltloops. Ann will hate me for these photos, but God, isn't her sweater amazing!? So gorgeous and it feels like a cloud when you touch it or her. (I had to resist asking her to wear it to bed while we roomed together at BlogHer. Shhhh, that's just between you and me.)
Ann with one of Chicago's largest martinis. And how much do I love this gal for drinking giant martinis with three olives?
This is a photo from the Nikon Looks Good Party that I was so pleased to get myself invited to. Funny, demanding or begging for an invitation does takes away some of the luster and excitement of getting to attend an "invitation only" event, but not all of it, Thank God! Plus, it was definitely making my night when Carson Kressley was such a sweetheart and declared that I looked like a movie star. I also had the good sense to not stick around to hear him tell the next five gals in line that they all looked like stars, too. Rawr. (This photo was taken by © Tony Krup, Nikon)
ThisPre-movie star, getting my hair done by a surly Lebanese hairdresser. It seems that I was a little too busy mugging for the camera, because immediately after this photo was taken he actually threw his comb on the ground, huffed pissily, and then asked me angrily whether I wanted to "have my picture taken or have my hair done." Apparently, he could not work under the conditions that I was providing, i.e. smiling, looking out of the corners of my eyes, ignoring his glorious mane of jet-black curls.... Whatever.
Not a whole week's worth, but my hubby took my camera to Northern Wisconsin for the week, so my eyes were taken away from me. I'll be back with fresh material next week.

Weekly Winners Information

Thanks to Lotus of Sarcastic Mom for hosting Weekly Winners.


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  2. Yes - that sweater was heavenly. And that martini truly humongous. What a great night...



  3. Hey. . .I'm married to a surely Lebanese guy. . .Does he "do" hair and I don't know it???

  4. thank you lord. at least in this one I look under the age of 91. Whew!

    big hugs to you

  5. You all look like movie stars!

    Carson is in a classic Martha Stewart pose I might add.

  6. Nina is so amazing.

    As is Jessica, and Ann, and all those other amazing ladies. Can't speak on Carson, I never saw him (honestly, where was I??)

    I can see that I am very tightly gripping my wine glass in that photo, however. Never try to come between a Wisconsin girl and her booze.

    And I can't believe you're without your camera for a week. I didn't know you ever set it down??

  7. What an incredible time it looks like you had - and You Do Look Like A Movie star!

  8. When martinis are that size you need a soft sweater.


    I dunno....

  9. Your surly hairdresser is cracking my a$$ up. Fun-nee!

    Shaddup and just fix my hair, k?

  10. My daughter waited on Carson Cressley at the Polo Outlet in PA where she works. She rang up his purchases. I guess he likes getting bargains just like everyone else!

  11. What a great time. You look gorgeous!

  12. Wow, you look GREAT! It sounds soooo fun!


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