Monday, August 03, 2009

We Have a Winner for the Kodak Zi6!

I narrowed it down to these eight people, who all made me laugh or tear up a little (Thanks for that teary one, Nina.).
1. Kat 3 Bedroom
3. Capt. DumbAss
4. Totally_Toni
5. Not the Rox
6. Nina
7. The Muskrat
8. Four Jugs
But then narrowed it down to only the people who couldn't make it to BlogHer at all (Sorry, Toni, Muskrat, and Nina! And a special sorry to Four Jugs, who's piece of paper was dropped on the floor and forgotten-- I feel bad, but I can't go back and re-do everything).

So that left: FADKOG, Rene, Captain Dumbass, and Kat. All deserving, all convincing and all of them made me laugh out loud.

So, our big winner is Captain Dumbass!! Which left my two sons in hysterics and asking me why someone named "Captain Dumb the A-Word" was on that piece of paper. Heh heh. Congratulations, Chad!!! Hope your wife likes the totebag and the french whore purse. And I know you'll both love the vanilla warming oil. *hubba, hubba* I know YOU will love your new pink Kodak Zi6 video camera. ;) All in all, I'd guess you are getting over $200 worth of BlogHer loot. Thank you to Kodak, SocialLuxe, and Nikon for all the goodies!

Here is evidence of how he won the prize. First he started in the comments:

And then there was the twitter assault:

You can see that he makes a convincing argument, right? ;) Congrats! And sorry to everyone else who played along. You were all fabulous, but someone had to win....


  1. Congrats! Funny funny comments ;)

  2. With the new camera, when can we expect to see photos of Capt. Dumbass dressed as a Parisian hooker?

    Congrats to him!

    (you still make me totally hot, btw)


  3. The Cap'n certainly is deserving! CONGRATULATIONS to him!

  4. Congrats to Captain Dumbass! You lucky dog you!

  5. My first visit here.
    You are pretty funny!
    I'll be back!

  6. The pretty pink camera couldn't go to a more deserving, uh, gentleman!

  7. I may not have won that camera, but I can at least have the great pleasure of saying that I lost to Captain Dumbass! thanks Amy. I hope you're recovering well, and having sweet dreams of Clive at night.

  8. Congrats to the winner!!! :)

  9. Dear Captain Dumbass..
    You totally worked it and deserved to win!
    My poem rocked though..jsyk :)
    I hear Amy is embroidering it on a pillow.
    Have fun with your camera (sniff)
    I have to go wring out my handkerchief now...

    Peace - Rene

  10. My husband is totally shameless!

  11. Yeah, I was laughing at his comments myself. Congrats to him!


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