Friday, July 24, 2009

Where Am I, Again? Oh, yeah, Free-Associating, that's where.

I am a guest over at Ann's Rants today.... free-associating from the BlogHer haze in Chicago. Please click on over and enjoy the show. Random is my strong suit!

Also, here's a taste of some of my gals in Chicago. Can you guess who is who? ;)

This is all of us saying, "Hi, [insert beloved reader's name here]!!! Wish you were here!!!!"

I might be tipsy while writing this, but that doesn't change the fact that I think the women (and men) that are at this conference are really amazing. And fun. And I am really missing all the women and men bloggers that aren't here with us.

A.M. Update:
I'm not giving any details, but let's just say that these two moms slept better than we've slept at home in about two years. Just sayin'.

cq4yxvnw5a <---- technorati made me do that!


  1. Ann, Maggie, and Mrs Smith from Oregon :)))
    You are a darling for sending me this Amy, but I'm missin' your gorgeous face :))) Soooooo good to see Vodka :)) Hi honey!!! Ann you're more beautiful every time I see you...and Maggie??! I had no idea you were going....what a lovely all look so happy xoxoxoxo Pass all this onto them Amy :))

  2. Jealous.

    Completely jealous!

    And what is Mrs. Smith from Oregon drinking????

  3. Great picture of some of my favorite friends!! Cheers!

  4. GREAT JOB over at Ann's today!!!! I laughed out loud through the entire read!
    Say hi to everyone at BlogHer.

  5. btw, I LOVE IT when you do this, so CHANGE YOUR LABEL!! lol...xoxoo

  6. And goddamn, Ann is looking beeeeauuuutiful :))

  7. Y'all look like you're having a great time in thos pics.

    I do think Ambrosia fits your alter ego. ;-)

  8. Love that pic!!!! Ok, popping over to Ann's right now.

  9. Hey, Amy! It was so great to meet you at BlogHer. I hope you and Ann had a very cozy weekend on your pillowtop.


  10. It was fun to meet you and NOT eat you-know-what at the restaurant.


  11. there was NO meat at the Steak House. Did you hear that Braja???

    And isn't that Jane Doe on the right?

    I thought you were using the 20/20 camera. Takes off 20 years and 20 pounds.

  12. awesome pic...would be better if all were in thee back of my taxi !! LOL


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