Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Swag for Your Bag

An update to my BlogHer Blogola Giveaway. I started unpacking and am adding goodies to the bag that I'm giving away for telling me about your most film-worthy moment you wish you had caught on video. Or for flirting shamelessly me. Hopefully via twitter, but also here in the comments. I will reiterate, there will be no rhyme or reason to my pick of the winner. I will pick whatever makes me laugh the hardest or makes my heartstrings sing the loudest. I have added the little leather purse that Nikon handed out at the Nikon "Look Good in Pictures" event. I thought it was cute but then my husband says it smacked of "Parisian hooker." I mean, I know you'll look great holding it. Or your wife will. I'm sure they won't look hooker-ish at all! Daddy-007 just meant that.... oh, fuck it. *I* think it's cute. And it has a Nikon pin inside it, as well as some Lucera waterproof mascara.

So, just leave a comment or tweet me (with @theBitchinWife and #kodak in the tweet) your moment. Or flirt with me. I like that. A lot. And I am dying here at home with no more BlogHer people around to hug and laugh with and generally impress me with their wit and gorgeousness.

Please. Entertain. Me.



  1. You know...since I didn't get to hang with you at Blogher...If I won the video camera, I could video tape all the blog work I'm doing for you;P

    It'd be just like we were hanging together...C'mon girl, so much fun to watch me work with code...I can're intrigued...I'm in your site now:O

  2. The video camera would just bump up the narcissist in me to another level entirely.

    You can't deprive me of that... :)

    Peace - Rene

    You are a giver, a goddess and a badass

  3. What? I have to impress you? Jesus, I already did. Where's the award for THAT???

  4. Parisian hookers...sigh...those broads are HOT.

    But so are you...*wink*

    (That's me flirting...I know...pathetic. Good thing Im married, what a lonely existence it would be...)

  5. I would love to have that video camera and hide it, to see what goes on around my house when I'm not home!!!!

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  7. I am quite sure I could never live up to your weekend w. the lovelies, so I won't even try. But I would absolutely love this stash, the video camera to capture the moments that my daughter (barely 2 1/2) takes it upon herself to sing the music that we listen to in the car. Things like 'Come Sail Away,' and 'Get Back, JoJo!' This way when she is a teenager I can play these performances for her friends and boyfriends and pay her back for the torture she causes us as we try to get her into her carseat!

  8. Don't really need to win anything.
    Just want you to know that i enjoy reading your blog.

  9. i wanna play!

    (BTW, it's fun living BlogHer vicariously through all of you!)

  10. Hey, HOBAG!!

    Don't want any of your swag but just wanted to say *wink wink* *elbow elbow* *guffaw*


    You may not leave. No you may not. Every.

  11. You need to pick me because I think we need to be besties. HOS BEFORE BROS!!!

  12. you've got gorgeous eyes and your hair is fantastic!

    Um... yeah - i am just flirting... come on now... what? Have you seen her hair? its bitchin!

  13. I will dress like a Parisian hooker.

  14. Say, do you come here often?

    My place or yours?

    Did I just die and go to heaven coz you must be an angel...

    Do you believe in love at first sight - or shall I walk by you one more time?

    No, I'm not drunk. Just intoxicated by you!

  15. What is that bottom picture of? Love something? It reminds me of some hair removal cream. But, it says 'love' so maybe some lube? Are you giving away lube?

    Moment that should of been caught on camera: The time I accidently hung myself on a fence by my bathing suit bottoms. My A$$ was sticking out and I couldn't get off. I had to have someone STOP laughing and peel me off the fence by my newly stretched beyond belief bottoms. It was awesome.

  16. The one thing I wish we could have captured on film, unfortunately makes fun of me, but I will tell you anyway!
    We were at Flaming Gorge in Utah camping and decided to get a couple of rafts and take a trip down the river. It was a beautiful sunny day with no bad weather in sight~~ until we got half way down the river. At the half way point there is a little beach and a restroom and the wind had picked up a little so we decided to stop and take a break. Of course, kids being kids, they all had to run right up to the bathroom so I was left alone on the beach with two rafts. All of a sudden a GIGANTIC burst of wind came down the canyon and picked up one of the rafts. (Now keep in mind I am a chubby short, and not so athletic person) I didn't want to lose the raft so I dove for it, catching it by wrapping my arms around one side. BUT, the wind was stronger than I was heavy because it picked up the raft with me attached to it and FLEW me to the other side of the beach. It dropped us both with a thud and for a minute I thought I had broken my back, but then I started laughing and couldn't quit because I was imagining what the whole thing had looked like with me "flying" my raft. I laughed so hard I started "snorting and cackling" (or so my kids describe it). After that they all called me the Wicked Witch of the Gorge for the rest of the trip. They also all swear we could win on America's Funniest Videos if we had gotten it on tape.
    So yep, I would love your "swag bag" so I can have the chance to tape some of the dumb things I do!

  17. Is that the Love Stuff Warming Oil making me hot, or is it you?

    (totally you!)


  18. MOMent 1 # take #1 :
    AAAMMMY i saaaaaaid the sun rises in the EAST and sets in the WESSSSSSSST .!!!

    MOMent 2# take #1:
    when the little brown helicopters start flying, the crickets start to roar , the porch gets QUIET, the metal gate clinks . ( that never shuts ) .... and ..... I say goodbye to you and the furious 5.......and wait to see what the next summer will bring ???

  19. Well, I think I've worn Clive out. Figuratively, not literally, I am sorry to say. I will offer sincerity instead. I bought a BlogHer ticket for NYC, and you, dear, at at the tippy top of my gotta meet her list. Love the BitchinWife and can't wait to meet you.

  20. I just came across your blog and you are giving away free stuff- including a really cute pink video camera? I think I love you. I know I would if I won that camera.

  21. I thought of one time that I shamelessly flirted with (or stalked) this guy in the grocery store. There I was with 2 of my 6 children, my husband in the bacon section, when the most attractive man I'd ever seen walked by with an equally hot chick in tow. (She needed to die).

    I was mesmerized. It was like someone poured a vile of lust potion on my head. Suddenly, I acted as though I was in an episode of Alias. I bobbed and ducked, hid in the laundry aisle, and waited anxiously for him to pass by again. "Just pass by one more time," I wispered to myself.

    I think I left my kids in the dairy aisle to ponder the Go-gurt selection (I went back for them)-eventually. My espianage went on for at least half of the store, the husband was oblivious. I don't think the guy was even aware of my CIA tatics to get a closer look at his blue eyes and perfect ass. I could only dream that he was hot for another look at me, too. To this day, I've never seen another man as perfect as he was. Somewhere on the grocery's surveilance tapes, there I am in all my stalking glory. It had to be comical.

    I've never told anyone that story; it's all yours, Babe.

  22. Kellie-- that is an excellent story! Love that you had the kids with you and even the hubby, but still managed to stalk the perfect male specimen around the store. True skills on display. I always wonder about those moments and what they mean.... like is there something more to it than just a chemical reaction. Like, was that person your soul-mate in a different life? Or this life, but because you made some choice that altered your destiny earlier, you are where you are and he is where he is, but you might've been thisclose to realizing your relationship.

    Sorry to get all mystical there.... ;)

  23. All the cook chicks got to go to BlogHer while we suckers stayed home and were tortured in Corprate America.

    Wah! My life sucks!

  24. Oh, and by the way...did I mention how lovely you look in blue?

  25. I was supposed to get a bag at the Luxe thingy, but they denied BHJ and me when we asked, saying it was "first come first serve," despite our having been one of the earlier arrivals (ie, before you!). That's my pity story.

    Re: the other way to impress the subjective, you were the most beautiful of the 1400+ women at BlogHer. Just don't tell anyone I said that. Britt might kick my ass.

  26. I was delayed getting to the party from the airport and missed getting the video camera, which I really wanted after I heard about it.

    I have been lax about taking videos of my son and giving his grandparents updates. I AM A BAD DAUGHTER. Please help me get back into good graces by being able to make a video for the grandparents.

    Oh, and would it help to tell you you're pretty? :)

  27. how did I not get that lovely tote? it would have come in really handy when I had to take stuff out of my luggage (so it was below 50 lbs) and carry it on the plane. Lots of stuff. I'll take the tote, everything else you can give away ;-)


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