Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Auspicious Signs Told Me To Tell You About Friday Night

posted by Amysprite

I wasn't sure what to write about the BlogHer conference, there were so many favorite parts.... but then I went to McDonald's yesterday (which I am pleased to report seems to be out of my system for the time-being-- I ordered a happy meal for myself but couldn't actually eat it because the insane sodium level burned my tongue! No doubt I will forget all this next time I am confronted with a delicious, chemical-laden, perfect Big Mac....) and was handed a sign. An auspicious sign. An uncanny sign.

Now, on most days, getting handed a happy meal box containing a lavender-maned unicorn would have me sighing, "Oh shit." As a chorus of boys in the back of the van would erupt shortly thereafter with "I DON'T WANT THAT! That's a girl toy!!" But today, the happy meal was ordered by me (and I probably haven't ordered one in years) and, more importantly, I was just at a party a few days ago where I took a picture of this:

And Friday was my favorite day of the BlogHer weekend. Friday was the day I was going to karaoke my ass off, (which you know, if you were reading before the conference) Friday was MamaPop's Sparklecorn Extravaganza. Friday was the Nikon party that I finagled a ticket to by working twitter like a gangster until it finally produced a ticket for me. So my expectations were pumped.

Remember that I had my schedule in place? That would be my party schedule, people, don't get excited that I was all organized about the conference in general. After the community keynote, which I cried so hard during, I resorted to using the tablecloth to mop up some of the drainage (sorry about that to whoever sat at that table the next day! *cringe*), I was going to go karaoke at the BlogHer cocktail party, then I was going to the Nikon event at 8pm and then the MamaPop party at 10.

Ann (Rants!) was putting together a dinner to go to with so many wonderful people, though, that I was forced to re-prioritize my schedule.... I mean, did I go to BlogHer to go to fabulous parties or did I go to spend meaningful time with bloggers I care about? So, I blew off the karaoke cocktail hour (sigh) to go out to an amazing dinner at Smith & Wollensky (omg, the steak was good! but, truly, the hash browns and onion rings were the best I've ever had. And, this might surprise you, but I fancy myself a bit of a hash browns & onion ring connoisseur ;) Right. I know you're not surprised in the least) with amazing people. I won't drop all the names, but Jessica from BernThis, Stacey from AnyMommy and Sandi from Lucky 13 and Counting were sitting around me and I couldn't have been surrounded by funnier, more beautiful, thoughtful, insightful, charming women anywhere in the world. Except, possibly, the other end of the table, where more fabulosity resided.

So, because of these amazing women that I am so grateful that I got to get almost three hours of unstoppable conversation with, I was late for the Nikon party. And I was okay with that. I get very uptight about being late most of the time, but I was so blissed out from dinner that I wasn't even bent about missing my karaoke opp. So I ran out to catch my limo to the party. Here's a pic of me, myself and I riding the lonely ride to the party.

And, I swear.... this post will not get posted today if I keep going. So I will post again this afternoon. I will leave you for now with this disturbing image. I felt a bit like Voldemort, tearing into the unicorn cake at the MamaPop party, but oh was the cake delicious....

And a couple more ego-strokes: Check out this and this. I'll fill in the blanks on these later today.


  1. Half-eaten unicorns make children cry (and White Lion sing).

  2. Ok, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who slightly freaked when she saw that Happy Meal toy. Was it a sign?

    and seriously, the Unicorn ASS pictures are some of my favorite ones from BlogHer!

    Great post!

  3. i will admit that i did miss hearing you sing. next year maybe you and chris mann can do a duet.

    ps: how famous are you? ... memorialized by poetry and photography... it really doesn't get any better.

    you rock, galpal.

  4. You went to Smith & Wollensky without me? OMG.. and you had dinner with Jessica? NO FAIR... Glad you had fun. Nice new background.

  5. Wow, uncanny unicorniness!

    You have broken through the bloggy ceiling and have rocketed to super stardom (at least according to two very popular male bloggers and me)


  6. You are such a lying beyotch saying that you wore these comfy shoes that no one looked at......if those shoes in that limo pic are comfy, I will fly you to BlogHer next year from England. :-)

  7. You do know that thanks to your name, you will forever be one of my favorite people now, right?
    I actually did want in on some of that unicorn ass, but the emotional angst I was experiencing at eating mythical butt stopped me. (Plus the steak had me stuffed for a while.)
    Dinner was wonderful, even if 30 minutes of it was taken by the waiter just describing the meal. I am so blogging about that.

  8. That last picture is kind of disturbing. But in a good way.

  9. "I ordered a happy meal for myself"

    I thought only children could say that?

  10. Cool! I wholeheartedly believe in signs, especially the red and white ones at intersections. LOL! Best wishes to you!

  11. Next year, will you please organize my social schedule. I forgot to sign up for the parties!

    The unicorn thing is trippy.

  12. YOU. Are SO. Popular!!!


    P.S. I like the unicorn but I LOVE miniature ponies. Can we breed the two and make miniature unicorns???

  13. There is something so disturbing about the look on the Unicorns face

    She enjoyed that I bet..why wouldn't she?

    Peace - Rene

  14. I've only seen the eaten-ass photos of that cake. Did nobody take the plunge and stab it in the face?

    I KNEW I should have gone.

  15. that was an amazing dinner. Bitchy couldn't believe it when I told her HOW MUCH THE BILL WAS!!!

    However, it was awesome to be in such incredible company. xoxox

  16. I can't believe I missed this post until now. I want a copy of that picture....We are so cute! That night, was my favorite night of all. Thank you so much for letting me tag along on that reservation of yours. And a huge Thank you for letting us get the meat "medium" and for ordering the onion rings. Oh God those were so good.

    I miss you.

  17. My kids (all boys) got 3 of those damn unicorns at McD's today and the "girly" fight followed. I didn't realize that was a cake at first. The ass eaten pic is a bit creepy but what a cake! Your limerick WAS pretty much right on at least the "tall and hot and sharp as a knife." Too funny.

  18. Wow! Sounds super fun! I doid not know that was a cake at the beginning, thought it was just a porcelin center peice! Amazing!

  19. Oooohhhh....loooook! A unicorn with purple hair! Like my Matilda! :))

    Why can't they give that out over here in the happy meals? oh yeah...i almost forgot...the philippines is poor...hahahahahahaha! yikes! did i say that?

  20. 3 years on my blog and not once have I gotten a limerick written about me.

    Clearly I am blowing the wrong people.

    Maybe next year! :P

  21. Poor unicorn. :)
    What exactly does unicorn butt cake taste like?

  22. That dinner will always make me smile when I think of it. A golden nugget of a moment in a weekend of wonderful moments. I am so happy I met you. And look at you rocking the BlogHims. Awesome.

  23. Great photo of the half eaten Unicorn. He was delicious. LOL


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