Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday

Oh my gosh. This is my nine-year-old, when he was TWO!! Hard to believe that seven years later he is still having tantrums.... *sigh* Too bad I can't just hand him a bottle, like a I used to. That bottle thing worked like a charm until he was three.... ;)

Now look at him! ========>

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  1. He's still handsome as ever! Hope he grows out of the tantrum thing soon. My step-son, who is now 15 took a while to grow out of his. But ah finally. Now he's just girl crazy. (nice) have a great day~~

  2. Surely you could try just handing him a bottle of milk? It might work.

    My wife fell asleep after feeding the baby recently, while sleeping she knocked over the milk. I came home and she woke up, her black trousers were covered in milk and it had gone all down the cracks in the sofa.

  3. Gosh, that's cute!!

    Wait til the moody middle school years...

  4. Awww.... :)

    Amy your photos below are BRILLIANT. AND A WEEK ALONE IN MONTANA???

    i wanna come :(

  5. My boy will be 17 next month. Still waiting for the tantrums to go away. But we call them meltdowns now.

  6. Wait...the tantrum thing doesn't go away? Darn it!

  7. Wait...omg!!! I'm on your sidebar!!!

  8. omg! I'm your number 2 top commenter! Now you have to love me even more!!!!

  9. what a cutie pie, then and now! my 9 y.o. thinks he's 16. not sure which scenario is better, tantrums or teen-wannabe?


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