Monday, May 04, 2009

"Mommy, what are minions?"

Fragments from my weekend:

Destructo: What are minions?
Amy: They're like followers,
Destructo: Like Followers of Jesus? (that's his church school class)
Amy: More like people that you are in charge of. Like you can tell them what to do and they'll do it.
Destructo: Like in World War 3?
Amy: Well, we haven't had a world war 3. Thank goodness.
Destructo: But we had a World War II?
Amy: Yeah. It was bad.
Destructo: And Jesus ended the war.
Amy: No, Jesus didn't end that war. Uh, was complicated.
Destructo: (Interrupting) But he'd end ww3.
Amy: I hope so....

Me: (mopping strenuously)
The Animal enters from outside and looks at me closely, trying to figure out what I'm doing. Which I thought was pretty funny because it speaks volumes about how little mopping is done in our house!
Me: (wrings out mop)
Animal: (creasing his brow and pointing at the mop) Is that your work? ("Work" is what they call all learning activities at Montessori school)
Me: Yes. This is my work! It's called mopping. :) Would you like to try it? :)))
Animal: (eyes glittering) YES!
So I set him up, helping him wring out the mop and then setting him loose. He ran around the whole downstairs, mopping with glee for almost 6 minutes. I actually had to ask for the mop back so I could get the job all done. Little darling. :)

In the last few months I've allowed myself to start a bad habit for the Animal that involves me lying down with him as he falls asleep. It's so much easier than carting him back to bed every five minutes for the hour after he supposedly has been "put to bed" and I, not so secretly anymore, relish those few minutes of snuggling in bed before he drifts away. He was particularly adorable the other night. First he yelled at me, "Get off the blanket!" and then snatched it all out from under me.... annoying, right? Well, then he lifted the blanket up and draped it over me and said, "Now you snuggle." I gave him a little squeeze and said, "You're a great snuggler." And he beamed back at me, "YOU nice snuggle."

I know I complain all the time, but oh. my. god. doesn't that just make you melt?! I love that little Animal so much sometimes it almost hurts. :)

BONUS: The Animal mopped so much today, that I actually got some video. Don't worry, it is just about 10 seconds long and includes him telling our pet budgie, Jake, that the mopping is "MY work." Just so the bird knows what the score is, yo.


  1. Wow he's cute. My kids did Montessori too and I got into the habit of calling everything they did "work"... lots of confused looks from friends.

    I still am in the habit of laying down with my kids to sleep. Just won't give it up.

  2. It is no big deal to let your kids fall asleep with you. I have proof that they grow out of it. My high school and college aged boys won't let me near their rooms any more. Punks!

  3. he's adorable!

    I do miss those days of snuggling with my kids! You are justified in enjoying every minute of it!

  4. Those warm little bodies are the most delicious thing in the entire universe.

  5. It's a habit that's hard to break. I lay with my son when he asks. He's 11. They're still little kids no matter how old they get. :)

  6. The only problem I have with lying with my kids at night is when I fall asleep too. There is nothing worse than having to get up from a warm, cozy snuggle and have to go do the dishes. So far my guys won't let me give it up, not even the 11 year old.
    P.S. I was so inspired by your Date with an 8 Year Old, I took 5 of them out on Friday!

  7. My minions, er, kids are partial to vacuuming and dusting.

  8. Very cute. I love the mop-drag he's got going on... I do that.

  9. He si an awesome little man. My wife also has taken on this approach of snuggling to help get J to go to sleep. Problem is I usually end up not seeing her again until I wake her at 10 when I go to bed.

  10. I only dream of my snarky teens helping me with my "work"!

  11. Have him get his hiney over here and do some of "his work!!!"

  12. so cute! What I wouldn't give to have my teen call mopping his work :-) or pretty any other household chore for that matter...

  13. You actually stopped him from mopping???!!!! What are you nuts??? Send him over to my house so he can mop his little heart out for as long as he wants and then I'll gladly cuddle with him afterwards LOL.

  14. I'm going to show this to my boys today. Over and over and over.

    And my five year old wants me to tell you that there is a bug in the house. He really wants me to go look for it with him. My explanations of "daddy time" don't seem to be going anywhere.

  15. Wow, thanks for the mopping tutorial. Now I don't have to google "mopping" to understand your post.

  16. This shows how childless I am:

    I forgot your nickname for your son and I'm trying to picture a pet of unknown species creasing his brow and asking you in a rather condescending tone if that menial task is your job. (Because we all know pets feel superior to their owners.)

    I'm glad your scene was much more warm and fuzzy than the one I had pictured!

  17. Oh that's priceless...the convo and the mopping :) My son swiffers for me...he asks me if he can "fisher"...not swiffer...fisher.

  18. Don't you have minions who can mop for you????

    I do!

  19. child labor laws be damned! ;)

    I still snuggle my ten year old and seven year old. You really get the best scoop on their day then... their defenses are down and they'll tell you anything!

    For example, that's when my husband learned that Josh (age 7) told Erin to touch his penis, so she did! AAaaaack! After much panic, it was determined that it was more a game of tag, clothing fully on, but the visual of my husband's pale face when he emerged from her room that night still makes me snicker.

  20. does he polish floors? Oh please say yes

  21. Well now that is just too stinkin' cute!

  22. I've read some of your entries and I must say that your life parallels mine in some ways. Only I have two girls. They have their tantrums, especially the older one (Oh, when will she ever outgrow them?!); they refuse to sleep unless they're with us (can we ever reclaim the bed?); they love to help (lol) with chores; they get extremely frustrated with school if there is some little obstacle to understanding; at 7 & 9, they are already set in their ways (read, stubborn) - but I love them and try to 'relish' every minute, even when they hit and kick me in their tantrums.

  23. Hilarious! Looks like the Animal wants to be put to work more often :)

  24. Ok so I want to leave a comment here...but my ADD is kicking in looking at ALLLL your new posts that I CAN'T know where to leave a comment! Grrrr!!!! So here's a comment for ya... "nice post" dduuuhhhh...

    Sorry! I just can't focus...too many posts...too many posts....

    Wait...I want an award, too!!!! Why didn't you give me one!!!!????

  25. That is UBER cute. I snuggle with my nephew like that when it's his naptime at my mom's house ... he always makes me do the 'chubby' faces and stories. *sighs*

    He actually forgot about 'chubby' today ... which was a refreshing change. lol



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