Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just like WORDLESS WEDNESDAY only with, you know, Words...

Mama just got some new toys for her camera, so I am pleased as pie to show off some of the goodies and what you can do with them. :)

Before I do that, though, have I mentioned that I am going to a week-long photography seminar next month? I will be going alone to Montana to work with a photography teacher and a bunch of other intermediate-level serious amateurs (at least I'm assuming they will be enthusiasts/amateurs, like myself, and not professionals) for seven glorious days. We will be going out to shoot pictures for about eight hours a day and then reviewing our work and critiquing our efforts.

I have been feeling stymied with my photography lately, as I have hit a technical wall with my knowledge of f/stops, shutterspeed, and the other MANY functions that a Nikon D300 offers. I look at somebody else's photographs (like this guys's) and think, "Now, HOW did he get the light to look like that?? It can't all be Photoshop and light boxes!!" So, as a last hurrah, of sorts, for myself while still here in the USA (and collecting on a present Daddy-007 offered me several years ago), I am off to the Wild West to learn me some photography! YeeeeeeHaaaaw!!!

So, I found this site called Gadget Infinity that sells camera supplies for insanely cheap prices. The package arrived from Hong Kong, so I'm guessing there's a a connection there. ;)

To put the price in perspective: Nikon's extension tubes cost $85.99 per tube. This set is basically THREE tubes. For $14.95!!! And, let me tell you, they work well enough for me! And for those photography buffs in house, these extension tubes are the niftiest things! I just found out about them because the "recommended equipment" list for my class said to bring "a macro lens or extension tubes" and I had never heard of an extension tube before. Basically, it is just this little space ring that goes on your lens and then you screw the lens onto the camera body, like usual. That extra space forces the lens to change it's depth of field, so you end up creating a macro lens. But without an expensive new lens. :)

Here are some examples of flowers around my house that I shot with the tubes on:

Bridal Veil Spireaea

Creeping Phlox
And this one is my personal favorite:

Bleeding Hearts

Wordless Wednesday brought to you by 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. All beautiful but love that purpley one! Have fun in Montana!

  2. Those look great! One of my major goals in life is to be able to take a wonderful picture. I fail to see the art in life frequently, and I think that with a good camera and some time to myself, I could make something beautiful. Let's hope at least!

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  4. Gorgeous pics! I am so jealous! I would love a new camera.

    Happy WW..or sort of! :-)

  5. Beautiful photos. I hadn't heard of those tubes either but now I want some too.

  6. man those are awesome shots! thanks for info too. i am just getting started and love it!

    and a trip by yourself? HOLY SHIT!

    enjoy :))))))))

  7. WOW! I am excited for you to go to Montana. That will be such a great experience. I would die to go to something like that. I hope you get time while you're there to update your progress.

  8. Beautiful photos! I can understand why you're excited about your trip. I hope it's wonderful!

  9. Beautiful photos and great advice! I need to get me a tube! I love my camera, but I'm jealous of yours. I wonder at the differences, tho - I have the D70...

    I'm so excited for your trip. I bet it's going to be just amazing - please update us whenever you can!

  10. Wow, how cool are those. I did not realize you had such a love for photography.

  11. First, you are my type of wordy Wordless Wednesday kind of girl!

    Second, SWEET BEAUTY!! I want to beg you for those photos to frame and hang! They are gorgeous! I'll be excited to see what you come back with on your fun excursion after seeing these!

  12. My favorite is the first one. Blue Bells? A horticulturalist I am not.

    Wow, June is around the corner.

    I'm so excited for you to have a week to yourself.

  13. I'm sure that trip is going to be awesome. My husband has the D300 too. I inherited his D70 and am still using 'auto'. One of these days I'll figure it out.

  14. Lovely photos.

    Make sure you get me a crate of Montana Sauvignon Blanc.

  15. Talk about picture perfect! Those are some fantastic photos! BTW, shout out to you in my post from this past Sunday :-)

  16. WOW! I want to buy those!!

  17. Ya, well my Sony Cybershot kicks ass all by itself and... and... stuff.


  18. Nice shots. My fav was the first one top.

    I get nervous getting the inexpensive equipment. I'm a Canon guy when I'm not shooting my iPhone (hehe).

    Which school are you going to or don't you want to tell? I've been eyeing up some classes at Rocky Mountain School of Photography to sharpen some of my stuff.

    Keep shootin'!

  19. very cool... and montana will be great this time of year for photography... still a bit of snow in the mountains... spring flowers and warm weather just around the corner...

  20. Oh my gosh! Those are gorgeous and I'm soooooo jealous that you are getting to go on a photography expedition in Montana! Take me with you!

    Thanks for the tip. I'm going to look into the tube thing this week.

  21. Beautiful pictures! Those tubes look cool...might have to check them out! :0)


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