Friday, April 03, 2009

Big Girls Say They're Sorry....

Alright, here it is..... I apologize for saying nasty things about the letting agents in Winchester. They have utterly redeemed themselves in the last 24 hours. :) Now, I only have this to say:


  1. I'm quite impressed. It's not easy to admit when you're wrong. Though, that's just speculation. I never have to admit I'm wrong, because I never am.

  2. I had a feeling you'd be in for a change of heart :-)

    Happy to hear all is going smoothly.

  3. If you land in that house, I - too - will be singing their praises!

    I will also be over to visit!

  4. WOO HOOOO!!! I wish I was going with!

    Glad the letting agents (sounds like they're agents for expelling extraneous gases out their asses)got better.

  5. Can i come? I mean really. Can I?

    God i've missed you Amy :)

  6. Oh, I'm SOOOO happy to hear that! Brilliant! Tell us more! How about the school situation? How about pictures? You have your camera, right?! We want details! {{hugs}} to you... hope that your trip continues to go well!


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