Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Coffee, Please! Redux

Another gem from the past.... This one was originally posted on 11/27/2007:

Oh dear God. I forgot what finals were like. For a reason....

Do you remember that scene from "Top Secret" where Val Kilmer has overslept and is running to get to his final and gets there and finds out that he just missed it, and then realizes he is naked/still in his pajamas-boxers? But then comes-to as he is being tortured by the Nazi's (hanging by his arms being whipped) and says gratefully, "Oh, thank god, it was just a dream!"

That sums up the dreadfulness of the last three weeks of a semester better than I ever could. Thank you, Zuckerman!

It is not helping that The Animal has taken it upon himself to become the most rotten soon-to-be-two-year-old on the face of the planet. Seriously, this kid takes the cake. In addition to the already constant tantrums, he has added head-banging into the routine. Here is a blow-by-blow of what happens when little Animal doesn't get his way:
1.) Howls.
2.)Howls while running 10-15 feet away from the object of "NO"
3.)Throws himself to the floor, landing prostrate, either on back, front, or side (depending on how fast he was running)
5.)Bangs head on floor
6.)Howls louder
7.)Kicks furiously while simultaneously hanging limply (I can't figure out exactly how he does it) when you try to pick him up --- this is only enacted when in a public place that demands I take notice of him and pack him into carseat/stroller

It has been hell. Almost as bad as finals. Ten times worse when dealing with both....

Wish me luck getting through the 15th of December. All will be well after then.

Resolution, per 2/27/2009: God, those finals were terrible to get through. And the main reason why I decided to only take one class the next time I took classes. And, more importantly, why I decided to NOT take a class the following semester. Those finals were the death of me and the near asphyxiation of my marriage. It didn't help that, to blow off steam the night I finished my last paper, I went out until 2:30 am to get trashed with some of my grad school buddies that were all about 10 years younger than me. Whoops! Totally innocent fun, but NOT APPRECIATED by the man at home waiting for me. On the upshot: Hello, 4.0 GPA! :)

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  1. I feel for you with the finals. And with the tantrums. When my boys would work up a dandy of a fit, I used to pull out my camera or video cam and take pictures. For some reason, that made them straighten up.

    And when we were in public, I just acted like the tantrums were febrile seizures (you know, fevers with fits). It was the only way I could manage without leaving them behind for good.


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