Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday?!?! Already? *sigh*

Research into Southampton, UK continues and I have been concentrating my house search on Winchester, which is just north of Southampton. The schools seem to be better there (among, ahem, other things)...

In my random searches I ran across this great photo slideshow that someone posted to YouTube; it is all photos from Southampton (I guess a couple are actually from Winchester), set to the song Dirty Old Town by The Pogues. I think it is a pretty fair assessment of why I am looking for a house in Winchester, but will love going into Southampton to sight-see. ;-)

Have a great day!


  1. It's so beautiful! And I am still jealous.

  2. Well, I agree it doesn't look exactly uplifitng. But hey, that dude in the patchwork coat has nothing to do with your life. And you're not planning on having a hedgehog, right?

    And it looks quaint. I love the brambly twisted path, and the central park looking viaduct??

  3. Yeah, I'll meet you at the old English pub in the middle of video...

  4. I'm glad that you realize it isn't going to be all ye olde English cuteness! I met a fellow Texan in London today and we were laughing about the "dirty old town" bits.

    You will like Winchester, I think. good luck!!

  5. I am going to shoot someone because everyone is having cool videos on their blog today, and I can't open them for some reason. Poke my eyes out! I am certain that your new digs will be lovely, and I can't wait until my stupid computer fixes itself (don't hold your breath) and I can view everything again!


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