Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Conversation with Captain Chaos, 9-year-old Know-It-All

Me: So what happened between the Animal and LittleLove (the Animal's pint-size love of his life/neighborhood gal-pal, also 3 y.o.)?
CC: He totally hit her in the head with a frisbee.
Me: Like hit her while holding the frisbee or threw it?
CC: I think he just hit her on purpose. Like with it still connected to his hand!
Me: So, .... you didn't see it?
CC: No. I wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure that I know how it happened.
Me: He wouldn't hurt LittleLove on purpose. Animal doesn't hardly ever hit anyone anymore! ...Except you and Destructo.
Me: Well, okay, he does hit us sometimes, doesn't he?
CC: Actually, he kicks me in the shin. Man, does it hurt!
Me: Yeah, he kicks me in the shin sometimes,too.
CC: Mom, did you know that you can die from getting hit in the shin?
Me: Um. I don't think that's true.
CC: Oh! haha I mean, um, a person could faint. Or,uh... Well, a person could faint!
Word to your brother.


  1. LOL! It doesn't get any better either.. remember? The older we get them more we THINK we know? Then we become an adult, reality hits and we wish we would have listened more.


  2. I feel like I need to fire back, "Wahddup G?"

    And thinking about being kicked in the shin MAKES me want to faint; I played soccer--uuuuuggggh, that's pain!

  3. I'm gonna take more care not to get kicked in the shins, this whole dying, er, I mean fainting thing has got be scared :-P

  4. Love CC's gangsta signs he's flashing! Peace out, bro!

  5. Sounds like the discussion I had with Oldest just yesterday.

    I think it's a sign of higher intelligence and deep imagination.

  6. Kids know more than we do...obviously!

  7. Thank you for this public service announcement about the dangers of "hits to shin." ;-)

  8. We are blogging in tandem today. This time we didn't even plan it!

    Great photo.

  9. Respect!

    Gotta love kids!

  10. The other day I picked up my son from swimming and he loudly declared, in the lobby of the Y, that "boy's pee will kill girls."

    Ah. To have that confidence, that audacity, once again. I'm thinking I'll get it again when I hit 60, maybe 65.

  11. really cool to talk to kids this days.. sometimes it amazes me with their irritating comments

  12. I love it when people post conversations with their kids. I think it's brilliant! Kids are terrific!


  13. Love it - WORD! Just popping over from Joy's and glad I did!

  14. I have just experienced a sudden jolt of surprise and disorientation after swooning over that picture of that little one in the cute little raincoat, then looking at this photo right here... ha ha ha ha aha h hah aha!

  15. funny! glad i found your blog from Jay.


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