Friday, February 06, 2009

Parents Don't Let Kids Do Drugs (unless they have the video camera handy)

This video has been making the rounds lately online and is pretty freakin' hilarious:

I have some experience with the sedative that the dentist must've given this kid from the video (who, his dad explains on YouTube, was still under the effects of a sedative from the removal of a tooth). My son CC is deathly afraid of needles, so after his last shots at 5 I was so relieved that he wouldn't need another one until he was a teenager.... and then I was informed at his 9 year check up that he would need to get a chicken pox booster. Uh-oh. He's a lot bigger and stronger these days, so I had no idea how we could do it without a huge freak-out.

I asked the doctor what we could do to help CC relax for the shot, like if there was such a thing as "kid valium" and he prescribed this liquid medicine to take right before we came in to the office. I was under the impression that CC would fall asleep and that would be that, instead I got an extended preview of what CC will act like when he get fall-down drunk for the first time!

The doc was running late, so for the half an hour that we waited for him CC danced, sang and shook his wild thing all over that office.

At one point, he started twisting his legs behind his head into an, ahem, extremely uncomfortable and slightly obscene position. I was like, "CC! Please stop that!" And he replied, "What? I'm just smelling my wiener!" I gotta say, even his little 9 year old wild child self would be appalled by that!

The bizarre behavior continued until the shots were administered. He still cried like a baby, but only for 5 minutes instead of the usual 25, so I thought the drug worked like a charm. A drunken sailor charm, but a charm, nonetheless.


  1. Re: the cut lip baby (golly that sounds like Coach Cutlip's kid) I feel your pain - my daughter bit through one side when she hit the brick edging of the patio, and the other side of her lip when she hit the edge of a coffee table, and I wept at the loss of her perfect rosebud features. I consoled my self that she now had a matched set of scars, (the perfect accessory) and that unworthy boys she may date will thnk she's a ninja and refrain from messin' wi' her. Course she kind of is anyway. Pity the fools.
    Re your life: I know another Amy (Aimee) who has three very Boy boys and a big boy husband, and she refers to herself as "a testosterone herder."

  2. LOL!

    Can I have whatever he's on?

  3. This video has been playing on the local radio channel and it is hilarious!! mind if I link you to my funny friday post??

    Ros had an experience with the numb lip last year and it was so funny... she walked out of the dentist with her lip hangin'

  4. LOL, is this forever?! I saw this on another blog and I was cracking up!

  5. That poor kiddo! Oh my goodness! He looks like he has drank about half a bottle of tequila!

  6. Jennygirl: And can anyone even tell that the scars are there? My husband claims I'm cuckoo for thinking anyone can see it but me.

    Ladyfi: Me,too, me, too!!!

    Bella: Well, there's this Mexican pharmacy that I know of.... but it'll take awhile to get there. :)

    Kel: Did Ros dribble drinks all over and then pretend to be Bill Murray in Caddyshack?!? That was my favorite thing to do after a trip to the dentist. :)

    TheMom: That was my favorite, too!

    Kat: I don't know, that kid looks like he might be more partial to Captain Morgan's. ;-)

  7. This video is hilarious! I'm sure he totally appreciates that his mom put it all over the Internet.

  8. I saw this video yesterday and was ROLLING.

    "You have 4 eyes." "Yup."

    And Amy... oh lordy!! "I'm just trying to smell my weiner." That is CLASSIC.

  9. Um...can I have some of that for my toothache please?

    Hugs and Mocha,

  10. ps... i love your new profile pic!! very pretty!! and your rock star header!

  11. Reminded me of when I had my prostate biopsy. They gave me a pill and told me to take it right before I came into the office, which I did. Then they led me into the room and the tech went ahead and did the biopsy. After he finished (six samples on each side) he told me to just lie there for a while and left the room. When he came back, he asked me how I was doing, and said, "That pill you took before you came in should start kicking in pretty soon."

  12. Umm, I find this highly disturbing, actually! Love that your ads uptop are for vicodin and "10 dangerous" drugs. Wonder what your key word search will look like on statcounter. I'm glad it worked for CC, though. BTW, Husband loved your new tag line (we were consulting your blog last night during my rehab)!

  13. My 3yr old has had 3 surgeries in 3 yrs and they give him "happy juice" when we get to the hospital to calm him down before anything begins.....I know I shouldn't laugh but LOLOLOLOL! I didn't know they would give it to kids before shots! My oldest needs some before shots....hmmm....

  14. I loves me some drunken sailor charm! Woo-Hee!

    Happy weekend...

    :^) Anna

  15. Hilarious video. I had not seen this one, so thanks a ton for posting. Totally made me laugh out loud!

    And "smelling my weiner"...yeah, that totally wins the award for things that I never, ever imagined a child would say. The power of modern medicine. :)


  16. Can you hook a girl up ??!! Very funny !

  17. BAHAHAHAHA! OMG that is the funniest thing I've seen all week! I kinda feel bad for did that dad keep a straight voice? And what a brilz idea to record. Must take a mental note to do the same...

  18. OMG I would have to say that is the hardest I have laughed all week!!! Poor kid.

  19. I've just watched it AGAIN. "Whoa.. I have two fingers." brings me to tears.


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