Friday, January 30, 2009

Sephora Giveway Tonight! Plus the Last of the 100 Things!

Thank you so much to you all for the awesome comments yesterday. Now, comment again today and get another chance to win that Sephora gift card for $50! I will do the drawing this weekend and post the winner on Monday. If you are of the impatient ilk, have your email enabled (in your blogger account under your profile settings) and I will email you as soon as I pick the winner over the weekend.

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Here is the remainder of my list of 100 things.

***Please, if you are family, steer clear of this post. Trust me: You DON'T Want to Know.***

1. I am a not-so-closeted rockstar and treat most situations accordingly.
2. I like to joke about it, but in all seriousness, my middle child who has ADHD really is the easiest of my three boys.
3. I was so nervous the first time I signed up to sing a karaoke song that I had a total irritable bowel moment in the bathroom beforehand. I sang “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline.
4. Speaking of, I have a terrible gastrointestinal system. It’s always something with that darn GI tract.
5. And speaking of that, my husband “spot-welded” me on one of our first dates. If you don’t know what that is: well, more power to ya’.
6. When I spot-welded him back at a later time I was MORTIFIED when I really let one rip on him. I swear I thought it was going to be just a little tiny one!
7. I think that Paris, even if you’re there just for a weekend, really is magical.
8. My husband and I went to St. Bart’s for our honeymoon. We didn’t see a single famous person; instead we avoided the Russian mafia that had taken over half the island for some kind of vodka-soaked celebration.
9. I have had TWO passport mishaps at airports and one run-in with a customs agent in Aruba.
10. When I was 17 a friend and I went to see a psychic together. A lot of the things she told me have come true. Except for the one about having a daughter. (I still can’t help believing that someday, somehow an amazing daughter who will be like a best friend will come into my life!)
11. I was the first of most of my friends (and all of my siblings) to get married. I loved our wedding but I wish we could have a do-over.
12. I used to play Scrabble on the computer at 2 am when I was up breast-feeding my first son. Thank you, Baby Boppy!
13. I dressed up as a hillbilly hooker one year for Halloween when I was in middle school. *cringe*
14. I ate Chinese take-out for dinner at least once a week for the entire length of my third pregnancy.
15. I got my nose pierced in college and then had it re-pierced when I joined the Junior League (to rebel against what I viewed as a voluntary initiation into Stepford). I let it close again within six months, though, when I grew up and realized that The Junior League in Madison is actually pretty cool.
16. I am of the opinion that Italy and St. Bart’s have the best food in the world.
17. I love a great cake more than anything else in the world.
18. I’ve never lived alone, but I am not a co-dependent kind of person.
19. Lordy, this list is going on and on….
20. I started smoking at 17 and didn’t give it up for good until after my second child was born (and NO I didn’t smoke while pregnant). I still crave them when I drink sometimes.
21. I only overindulge with the drinks now about once a quarter. It is too hard to get up with the kids in the morning with even a slight hangover! And when I say slight, I mean the kind that even one glass of wine will give me. Ugh.
22. I still can’t believe that I got diagnosed with ADD. Really???
23. An all-body unitard worn under my outfit (to ward off the chill of an evening of high school football watching) is the only thing that saved my virginity one night when I ended up on a deserted road, in a parked car, with the boy I’d had a crush on for years. Thank goodness for difficult undergarments and clumsy, tipsy high school kids. ☺
24. I’ve gotten 7-10 speeding tickets in my 20 year driving history.
25. I’m not a big fan of candy, but I LOVE M&Ms on popcorn. Especially at the movies.
26. I lost 35 pounds after having my second baby. The key to curbing my hunger was a bag of that 94% fat free popcorn every day as I made dinner (my worst snacking time) and working out at least 4 times a week.
27. I am a big fan of doing nothing, but I always have a blast when I get talked into doing something.
28. I hate the idea of crowds, but never seem to actually mind them when I'm in one.
29. I hate waiting in line.
30. I love cooking almost as much as I love making someone happy by feeding him or her great food.
31. I struggle with the whole religion thing.
32. Even though it was just a tiny little blip, I am over the moon that I got mentioned in a Pogue’s Post (David Pogue is the technology writer in the NY Times) today! Squeeeaaal!!! Find it here: It has to do with twitter and one of my tweets (along with about 40 other ones) got put up.
33. I have a tendency to wait for things to kind of just come along or fall in my lap. I am out of practice in the “making things happen” part of my life or career.
34. I am taking a week-long photography course in Missoula, Montana in June. I want to bump my photography to the next level and see where it takes me.
35. I gave some serious consideration to applying for a job as a karaoke DJ a few months ago, but then chickened out.
36. I love to go out dancing. It pisses me off that there aren't any dance clubs out there for the 30 to 40-something crowd. I do a majority of my dancing at the gym in a BodyStep class now. It's great, but it just isn't the same as a club.
37. It sounds stupid, but I think that BeyoncĂ© song, “If I Were a Boy,” is the God’s honest truth. Seriously, guys get away with so much and girls let them do it. Grrrr.
38. I acknowledge that I am leading a blessed, charmed, whatever you want to call it, life but am sad that it has made me into a pretty spoiled woman.
39. But I don’t feel spoiled when I have to wear my coat around the house because the thermostat is set to 62˙ (yes, that is a new setting that went into effect a few days ago – brrrrrrr).
40. My current career goals are divided between wanting to be a librarian, a writer, and a photographer.
41. Every time I stop by The Pioneer Woman’s website I wonder how many people work on it to make it that amazing. Seriously, she couldn’t possibly do all that writing, cooking, home-schooling and photography herself. (I know there are contributors to the photography stuff, before you point that out.) (And what about that newly re-done lodge they just finished?! What kind of ranch do they live on to make that kind of money?!?) It is a truly gorgeous site.
42. I only started drinking coffee in my 30s. I added a second cup to my day sometime after finishing breastfeeding my third baby.
43. None of my babies slept through the night until they were over a year old. By the time the third one rolled around, I just resigned myself to catching up on my sleep some time in 2012.
44. I truly believe that if I was 15 years younger I could make it onto American Idol. But I would crash and burn during during Hollywood Week.
45. Even though I am wracked with self-doubt on occasion, I have what some would call a “healthy” ego.
46. I need laughter: not just a guffaw or a chuckle, I am talking about those big, deep laughs that you can’t control or keep quiet and threaten to make you pee your pants because you are laughing so hard. I actually feel like I am withering on the vine if I don’t get that kind of laughter for awhile.
47. I am constantly amazed by how much my family needs me.
48. I am constantly amazed at how much I love being needed.
49. My family used to go on canoe trips all the time when we were kids. One trip I was riding in the middle of the canoe with my dad in the back and my brother in the front and our canoe went under a low hanging branch. As I reached out to lift it so it would hit my head about 20 spiders fell out of the tree onto me. I screamed and stood up quickly, brushing them off me because I am terrified of spiders. Unfortunately the act of standing up sent my dad AND brother flying out of the unstable canoe. Amazingly, I did not fall in, but was left standing in the center of the newly empty canoe. Needless to say, they were completely pissed. :)
50. Oh, I hate to even reveal this, but why stop now? When I created my blog four years ago it was called.... the hideously awful.... the astonishingly unappetizing.... Amy's Homestyle Blog. Let's just keep that our little secret, 'kay?

Congratulations to you if you made it through my 36 years of tidbits. I am looking forward to another four years of interesting and humorous observations on life and family with all of you in blogland. Thanks for reading and being part of this fabulous community of writers!!!


  1. Excellent 'rest' of the list. I loved it. All those little glimpses into your life. Very interesting and fun!

  2. Someone just sent me a note on Facebook that I'm supposed to send back to 25 other people with 25 random facts about me. I'm not sure I can get through 10 of them let alone 100 like you've done. I enjoyed reading every one of yours though!

    and I fav'd you on Technorati.

  3. Oh - hilarious! Especially the last one... but sshh... And thanks for that book tip. I hear you about not sleeping... But then - hey - sleep is overrated, n'est ce pas? (Yawn...)

  4. Where do you get the time? I'm not even going to try and look into twitter as I fear it will pull me even further in.

    Great 50 things! And I like the old blog name. Very hillbilly hooker.

  5. Homestyle? lol

    And I think we need to see a picture of this hillbilly hooker costume you brag about!

  6. write SO much and SO fast, I can HARDLY keep up with you!

  7. Hey! visit me too!


    I haven't had you around in a while!

    You'll love my new bright red jonathan astons!

  8. Hey! your child has ADHD? Me too! Bravo! Bravo! Welcome! Welcome! :) :) :)

  9. OMG YOU'RE IN THE NEW YORK TIMES??? Rockin'!!!! I'm so proud of you. Big kiss. Get your ass here to India. Tell The sorry the Enforcer (lol) I wanna speak to him now!

  10. 1. Ditto on the GI issues! 2. I have LINKED to your "homestyle" blog from my site.

  11. Congrats on getting through 100 things about you and congats on the NY Times mention ! You truly do rock!
    re: Boyonce's If I Were A Boy, she's still singing the song like a girl because if she really WAS a boy, those thought would never occur to her.
    You have a very intersting life!

  12. You're famous for your tweets? Awesome. As far as no dance clubs for the 30s and 40s year-old crowd, you've got to find a cover band that does oldies. They usually have a "mature" audience.

    Or you can do what I do and NOT GIVE A DAMN AND DANCE ANYWAY, ANYWHERE!

  13. wow. that must've taken some time. I posted ten thingsa bout myself recently and I swear it took me 2 hours. And it wasn't nearly as good. Fun read!

    I starting following you - not in a stalking sense, but in a "I like to read your blog and don't want to miss a post" sense!

  14. Running over to check out the NYC link. Girl you are ON FIRE! BTW I liked back to you before I even knew I could get actual brownie points. GREAT list. Oh, and I think this blog proves you can acheive all three of your career goals, perhaps simultaneously!

  15. Your list really, really, really makes me want to hang out with you. Seriously. (No need to put me in the running for the Spehora gift card, please, I really just had to comment to tell you how awesome you are)

  16. Our couples need to meet for a "SHOTSKI" on the Willy-T. I do need a bit to process all this. How fun though. Your the best.

  17. Awesome!! I am on i will be posting 100 things soon...I also play alot of you play on by any chance? If not you would love it!!!

  18. I wish there were older people clubs too! Clubbing was a huge pastime of mine in college. At least in the brief time before I kind of got kicked out of my dorm and ran off with dh. I would go dancing now. Only people might be a little worried about that shameful mama dancing hoochie on the dance floor.

  19. I always knew you were a rockstar.

    I'm the same way with laughter. Life would be pretty miserable without it.

    Amy's Homestyle Blog?! I can't believe I hang with you ;)

  20. Awesome, I like you even more than I did before - and now I think we need to party together!
    (knew you were a rockstar!)

  21. We have a lot in common, from the troublesome lower GI to the desire to go dancing at a club.

  22. HA HA - I love Amy's Homestyle Blog!! That is so cute. And sweet. :-) Wow that was quite a list and really quite fascinating, and it confirms in my mind that i will NOT be doing a 100 things about me for my 100 post coming up. I truly do not have 100 fascinating things to reveal about myself. But I loved reading yours.

    And NY Times?? Sounds like you ARE making things happen lady!!

    Happy Friday!

  23. Oh and please explain this whole link to your post thing - I really have no idea what that is. :-(

  24. Love the spider story! I'll bet it's a family classic. And I gave up smoking almost 30 years after I graduated college -- and I still crave it sometimes. Sigh.

  25. A hillbilly hooker. Excellent.

    I found your blog through Sassy Britches.

  26. "Amy's Homestyle Blog"?


    Aww, I love you, man.

  27. I'm back...avoiding my children. Um, there's a good reason they don't have older people dance clubs. No one wants to see that. Sad but true. There'd be too many old fogies and crones showing a little too much shakee-shakee. Scawy.

  28. I've been trying to make it here all day!!

    "Spot-welded?" I think I'll go ahead with my blissful ignorance.

    Congrats on the shout out. Twitter is just another one of those things that I'm already 10 steps behind everyone else. I'll figure it out come 2011...

  29. After completing a list like that it is we who should be giving you a giftie! Wow! And thanks for following me!

  30. I had to put on "If I Were a Boy" when you mentioned it. Guys do get away with a lot. Also, I wish that I was even remotely as cool as you are!

  31. "I am a big fan of doing nothing, but I always have a blast when I get talked into doing something." I need to rearrange my thinking to get on that train with you. Thanks for the boost!

    Yaaaay! Why didn't I start hanging with you before now? (Kicking self, kicking self) But am soooo glad I'm here!

  32. thank you for letting me know the meaning of spot welded. My life will now never be the same.


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