Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Post in Which I Boast (and Swagger)

I do love me some awards and one just fell in my lap! That wily customer Heinous, aka H31n0us, over at Irregularly Periodic Ruminations has bestowed this excellent award that is called Honest Scrap, but I think we can surmise that it is more like "Honest Crap"-- which is pretty apropos for this little blog o' mine. :) If you aren't a reader of Heinous' blog, and I will admit that I was little put off by his name when I first started in this blogging venture (I know, who would guess I could be such a stuck up bitch?), you need to check it out. This guy tells it like it is, almost always with a smile. He is generous with his feelings and is genuine in a way that makes it easy to see that he is an awesome husband and father and just an all around cool guy to hang with. And, I LOVE his twitterfeed.

The Award:


The Rules:

(Here's Heinous' standard disclaimer, which I agree with totally: Follow the rules or don't. (I swear I won't drunken messages on your comment boards asking why you don't love or respect me anymore.) I award people because I appreciate their blogs and I like to acknowledge them. If you don't want to pass it on, that's cool, just enjoy it.)

When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Show the 7 victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty badge. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!

My 10 Totally Honest things:

1. I refused to watch reality TV for years, but when I finally started watching Survivor (about three years ago) I was IN, hook, line and sinker. I now obsess over a multitude of shows, the best of which is probably Project Runway, Survivor, or The Amazing Race (you can see I have a problem when I can only narrow it to three) and the worst of which is Rock of Love (how Brett Michaels could even come close to seeming like a sincere guy every season is a wonder of the human condition, but he DOES!).

2. I started grad school to get my Masters of Library and Information Studies, but felt like I had to drop out because I could not find a way to balance school and life. I do plan on returning to school, but not until the Animal starts kindergarten.

3. Even though I was a good student and went to a great university (Go, Wildcats!), my life goal has always been to be a stay at home mom and ultimately the kindest, coolest grandmother that ever existed. Seriously, I had it all played out to grandmother-hood.

4. After ten years of staying home with the kids and being wife-extraordinaire, I am tired of it and ready to get out of the house! The problem is this: I want to do everything, but be obliged to do nothing. This makes a job almost impossible.The caption on this tiny beauty is: All the baking soda in the world could not mask the scent of her despair

5. I hate planning. I can do it. I have done it. But I DON'T like it.

6. I have almost zero will power.

7. Sometimes I wish I could have a wife instead of a husband... life would be so much easier because the division of labor would be so much more equitable. (And I know I would trust her to do the laundry!)

8. My Chicken Piccata is the best Chicken Piccata you will ever eat in your entire life. Not bragging, just stating a fact.

9. My husband thinks this blog rocks. And likes to give me tips on how to make money off of it.... his last tip had something to do with branding my particular way of saying really bitchy things without seeming as bitchy as they are. (Yeah, I'm not sure how to take that, either!)

10. Until I met Daddy-007, I never dated a guy longer than three months. We've been together for 13 years now.

So, that's the honest bit... now I get to put my badge up in the sidebar. Wahoo!!!

Now I get to pick some other blogs that I think are totally awesome (but that don't already have the award).... it is tough to choose because there are too many funny, thoughtful, wicked smart bloggers out there to easily narrow it down.

1. Okay, Fine, Dammit: MaggieDammit has been blogging for awhile and I was so pleased to find that she didn't have this particular badge on her impressive list of honors. If you haven't found this blog yet, please go read some of the brave, heartfelt, heart-wrenching, and, yes, hilarious things that she has to say. She is REAL in a way that few of us let ourselves be on our blogs. I promise you will love her, warts and all. You won't be able to help yourself, dammit! (And check MaggieDammit's Twitterfeed, too, she posts irregularly, but each one is a gem.)

2. i am bossy: Bossy has been at this gig for awhile, too. I dig her site because she loves to cook, covets all kinds of things that she then documents, and is an amazing photographer. I don't think she even does the whole "award thing" but I love saving up her posts and then scrolling through tons of them at once in my google reader so I can ooh and aaah over her beautiful photos. She also has blonde curly hair that is very similar to mine and I LOVE that she refers to its look as her "signature curl."

3. This fanciful website and daddyblog for is for every dad who wants to "take back paternity" and not have his wife laugh AT him, but rather WITH him. Check out their excellent video on bad parenting that is a perfect compliment to my post on my own questionable parenting moment, I posted it last night.

4. Chasing Wentworth Miller - Simplicity is not only a great storyteller, she is my on-line workout partner. :) It's true. Don't ask how we do it. But if you want to join in, check out either of our profiles and follow the link.

5. Moms Without Blogs - Lee has an outstanding outlook on life and her blog has one of the best headers I've ever seen.

6. A Mom on Spin - Liz had me at her motto, "Anyone can change a diaper. . . . . it takes a special woman to launder a daughter's thong." Now that is classy.

7. Sounding Forth - I just love That Janie Girl.


  1. Congrats on your award! Heinous' blog truly rocks.
    As do your honest things. Send me some of that chicken piccata!

  2. Congratulations! I honestly have never had chicken piccata. I should put that on my to do list.

  3. Aww, Bossy is going to polish this award and keep it on her mantel. As soon as she gets a mantel.

  4. That was a fantastic post! Now I'm hungry for chicken.......

  5. OK, I love Heinous (first things first.)

    So thank you! This was a completely awesome thing to wake up to. And now I'm wondering why you didn't come out and meet Bossy when she came to Madison? Then you and I would have found each other much sooner. Either way, I'm so glad we did.

    (also: I thought I was the last person on earth who hadn't jumped on the Lost bandwagon. I just added season one to my Netflix queue.)

    THANK YOU. You are awesome. :)

  6. Congrats, my friend...sigh. FINALLY! :)

  7. I love #10! (and congrats)

  8. I love the photos you included!Great job! But I have to say, if Brett ever asked me to stay and rock his world, I in the PTA,and household chores for Tequila,and tattoos, nah, been there done that.

  9. Damn Expat, Kat, and Vodka Mom: Thanks! I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow.

    Bossy: If you find a good mantel, let me know... I need one, too!

    MaggieDammit: If I'd only known Bossy when she made her trek! I just saw her video and found out about it.

    Rants: Yeah, finally! Now is your time to redeem yourself, though..... ;-)

    Rae: I laughed so hard when I found that particular caption and then applied it to all the guys I dated before. :)

    Comedy Goddess: Who cares about Brett.... Comedy Goddes? Will you stay with me, on-line, and continue to rock my world?!

  10. Oh Amy, thanks and honestly, now I feel like crap. Because your post is reminding me of some other awards I've received that I've done nothing about. Except to leave a comment like this one saying thanks and to say it means so much that you thought of me and that you think I have an outstanding outlook on life which I question whether that really is the truth right about now. :-)
    My favorite thing about your post is that you gave Bossy the same award and to even be mentioned in the same post as her and an award post none the less is such an honor. Although God knows I'm smart enough to know I don't a candle to that friggin' talent of hers. I would have never been brave enough to give Bossy an award cause I would think she's much too big to receive such an award but now she stopped by and wow - I'm just so impressed.

    After that ramble you'll never give me an award again...holy holy...

    Really though - thanks Amy. You rule my bloggin' world.. :-)

  11. I promise that you will be the coolest Grandmother ever. Just knowing that is one of your aspirations tells me you have been preparing your whole life. Maybe you can be an eighty year old granny that jumps out of airplanes :) What about a bitchin' cook book with awesome bitchy catch phrases? I'd buy it. Congrats on your award.

  12. Lee: Awards are the great leveling field of blogging! No one is immune and if they are, then I would think that the community would think they were getting little uppity. At least I would think that... ;-)

    Laura: Thanks! I love the idea of the Bitchin' Cookbook. And I DID plan on this life for a long time... and that is why it is so hard to be unhappy sometimes in it! I appreciate your comments! I am dying to get over to your place and finish reading about you and your love being separated during the holidays.

  13. Pleased to meet 'cha, Amy. Now, that's some honesty! I have similar grandma aspirations!

  14. I have often said that I need a wife. And I have zero will power. AND I've been with my husband 13 years. AND I make a killer Chicken Piccata. Are we the same person? Seriously?!!

  15. LOL... I love your honesty - and the cartoons that go with it - especially the one about baking powder... Now I know what that's for...

  16. When you compare Brett to the ladies on his show, he can only come off looking better ;) Planning is just for people who can't handle chaos.

    Off to check your awardees that I haven't read yet. A nod from Amy carries weight.

  17. Well, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya! I did this on January 7th and I don't think I could muster up 10 extras so feel free to stop by and read it if you feel the need. I's compelling!!

    I too sometimes wish I could take a wife. It would be easier!!

  18. I had so much fun reading this post! :)

    I, too, stopped watching t.v. for a few years! We didn't even buy one! Then I realized that we aren't Amish, so...

  19. oh...and p.s...congratulations on your 13 years! Wow! That's just so wow!

  20. A wife! (smacking my forehead) THAT's what I need.

    Now, how to break the news to the Hubs...

    Excellent list. Sorry I missed it the first time around!!


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