Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Morning a Week....

Brought to you today, in part, by: the Furious Four (as Daddy-007 is still on an extended pub-crawl through Hampshire, UK without his trusty sidekick-ME!) and that indomitable Yogini of Ya-Ya at Lost and Found in India, Braja.

The first morning back home after my O'Hare heartbreak that found me driving my sorry ass to a chain restaurant in Schaumberg (Lettuce Entertain You, but still a chain) for some comfort food and reassessment of plans, instead of on a plane bound for England.

I am not usually in charge of getting the boys off to school in the mornings. My place is in bed, asleep, I stay out my husband's way and just swoop in at the end to help with coats and mittens and kisses. But today I was alone. Well, not alone exactly. You see a I had a nighttime visitor that moved in around 2 am. CC had descended and was sleeping peacefully next to me. When the alarm went off and I started to get up, he brightly threw back his covers and said, "Good morning, Mom!" just pleased as punch with himself to be truly the man of the house while Daddy is away (by bedding down with mommy? No thanks, Oedipus!). I made a mental note to discuss boundaries later and padded off to the bathroom.

Amazingly, the Animal remained asleep while Capt. Chaos and Destructo got dressed and we managed to get downstairs without him stirring once. Truly miraculous! With that wild-card out of the scenario, everything is pretty calm in the house. In fact, the boys were downright dreamy! I made some toaster waffles, which they scarfed down (picture above). Destructo got his magic "it helps you concentrate" pill and showed it off to the camera. (I swear that's not a grimace on his face!) And I sat and chatted with them while I guzzled down my coffee. So far, this morning is going so unexpectedly well, I think that perhaps I've misjudged my kids. (Don't worry, they were back in fine form this morning ;-) CC got his snow stuff on and I helped Destructo into his gear and they were out the door just as the Animal graced me with a happy descent from upstairs. Also unusual as he usually wakes up a big, fat grumpapotomos. There were even hugs and kisses involved!

After wolfing down his breakfast of waffles and blueberries, we played a little Indiana Jones Life. Not for real, just a lot of treasure stealing and Indy running around stomping on things. You know, toddler-style. It was all very sweet and calm.

Which leads me to believe that this morning was a little karmic payback for the clusterfuck on Tuesday that brought me back home. It is so, so rare to have a quiet, smooth, orderly morning with these boys and I needed this morning to remind me that they are all precious, wonderful kids that I am lucky to call my sons. Or at least not always embarrassed to be seen with.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday. Or leave a comment and then check back to see what conversations are going on in the kitchen (my new name for the comments setion), because you never know what people are talking about in there.


  1. Piece rains.
    Piece reigns.
    Ah shit.
    Waffles are good.

  2. Wow - peaceful morning! Gosh - isn't it pure bliss when this happens? You are so lucky not to have to get involved in getting the kids off to school. I work from home a lot and by the time I've packed them into the car (hubby then drives off with them), I'm exhausted... almost too exhausted to work... but not tired enough for blogging!

  3. I still can't get over the fact that you missed your trip! Oh well, at least some good came out of it.

  4. I'm so sorry about your trip!!!


  5. That pill picture rules. Thank god for quiet mornings with ample sleep. Wish I was having one...

  6. I bet it would be such a trip to photograph your 3 boys. They look like they would be great subjects, all that personality and emotion and energy is great for a photographer but when unleashed all on you, every second of the day it must be tough. Like unimaginable tough unless you are living it.

    Maybe your boys just sensed that their mom needed some love and some calm so they delivered.

  7. Braja: Hangin' in the kitchen at midnight... definitely my kind of party! :) (And, yes, I know it's lunch time where you are;)

    LadyFi: Yes- total, unxpected bliss! FYI: I always get stuck doing that kind of pack-up and watch them all leave before swim lessons, wrestling, karate, etc. It is intense.
    And I totally agree on the blogging thing... never too tired for that!

    Damn Expat: Me neither! :(

    Capt. Dumbass: I sincerely welcome you to the kitchen.... Dumbass comments are as welcome as smartass ones. ;^)

    Vodka Mom: Thanks. Condolences welcome.

    Rants: It made me laugh, too! He's such a card: You should've seen the outtakes....

    Panic Room: Well-reasoned sentiments, and exactly on point! We had professional photos taken a two years ago and the disc she put together (that I'm now sorry I didn't spring the $400 for) was hilarious. We posed in a dog-pile and the boys were ALL OVER THE PLACE! Unfortunately, Destructo managed to have at least one eye closed in 273 of the 300 photos she took at the shoot. Claimed she'd never had another child so prone to eye malfunction!

    Sometimes I feel like my comments are just another post.... I love the dialogue with you guys!!

  8. I just got a minute to check up on your blog! so sorry about missing that great trip! I know of a family that the same thing happened to. . . the parents ended up leaving for Tahiti without their two kids!

    I'm glad your kids behaved yesterday - maybe 007 doesn't have it so rough in the mornings after all!

  9. I have been out of touch this week. All this time I thought you were drowning yourself in warm pub beers and hagus.(sp) I am so sorry the Zuse Juice 2 yrs ago made you forget you needed to update that one important governmental document. I am sure it will all work out. I kind of like the Bait Shack. who can say they lived there? Not many. It has a ton of character.

  10. Since I've only recently been following you, I'm a bit behind on the trip and the move and stuff. I am truly sorry to hear about your airport mishap, however, I think you might be right about calming karma!! YAY!!

    I do this alot, compare my 'canine kids' to actual kids. When my two Maltese were alive, there was quite a bit of fuss to get ME out the door and off to work. Then there was the feeding times. (after several years, there was also the shooting up of the insulin times) All crazified and loud times for the most part. There were those few quiet and easy-going ... going for a walk times, eating yummy overpriced prescription dog food time, bath time, heading to bed-time ... etc etc.

    It's always a blessing when things go perfectly well.

  11. How lovely that they came through for you! I wonder what they are planning....nah...I'll give them credit!

  12. Yup, they are all precious, indeed! Aren't children amazing and lovely!

  13. Look at you all reconnected with the little ones. Some good came out of it, at least.

  14. Hi, oooh a move to the UK in the offing. Have lived in and around Hampshire all my life, let me know if there is anything i can do to help out - questions etc etc.

  15. I think I need a "help you concentrate" pill. Destructo looks pretty happy with his.


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