Friday, January 09, 2009

If this is our House in the UK, I'm Leaving Tomorrow.

Just found this house for rent in Winchester and I informed my husband that I am ready to leave anytime. Sorry friends in Madison.... this is just too adorable to resist.

My husband is partial to this one... it is the BaitKeeper's Cottage. I'm sorry, people, but I refuse to live in a house called the BAIT KEEPER'S cottage. I don't care how quaint and character-infused it might be; I am not moving to Europe so I can sound like I'm living on a Bass Tracker boat.

So what do you think? Downtown living, like the Baitkeeper's semi-attached number that happens to be next to a wall built over 1200 years ago, or outskirts (almost country) living in an adorable cottage built in the 1600s.

I think you know which one I am partial to. :) And, in full disclosure, we will not be able to get EITHER of these places because we can't rent anything until June. I'm sure there will be lots of other fab places available then but I LOVE looking at real estate and can't help but imagine the possibilities of each one.

AND: Daddy-007 is having a great time over there (though he claims to be lonely- which he BETTER be!) and confirms that the program at the University looks great. He sounds incredibly pumped about the whole thing and his excitement is contagious. I'm much more excited about things now that we are learning more about the city and how things will work over there. The biggest relief has been in regards to schools... He met with some school authority people that let him know that basically we don't have a prayer of getting our kids into the best schools in Southampton (which exist, but are few) and then gave him a list of surrounding towns that have metro-rail stations and excellent schools that our kids will get into just by moving into their "catchment area." I've got my eyes on Winchester, which I've been to before.... Check it out, if you're bored. I am totally daydreaming about CC and Destructo singing in the boys' choir at the cathedral and me joining the regular choir, as well. I used to sing at our church here and in a women's choir in college and just haven't had the time to do it since Destructo was born. I miss it! I mean, a person can only go out to karaoke so many times a week. ;-) I want a practice schedule and some more training!


  1. The only thing I would warn you about is that I have heard that thatched roofs are a pain in the buttocks to upkeep and might be quite expensive on the upkeep as well. The only thing I would make sure of if you live in a town is to make sure there is off street parking or you will literally be parking ON the street.

  2. I like the cottage...and if you are renting...the owner can pay for any upkeep of the roof!! lol

  3. I LOVE that cottage! Who cares what it's called!

  4. wow...I think I'M beginning to feel excited!

  5. Yes, biyaatch, even your excitement is contagious. This is a chance to do start over and do do DO things like sing in choirs. What a great opportunity. Can't wait to hear more details as they unfold.

  6. Thatched cottages can be wonderful!! Better to live in the countryside - better air for starters. Then again, you'll have to make sure to rent in the right catchment area!

  7. AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!!! Ann's right, it's happy for you....can't wait for it all to blossom...big hug and kiss...!!! lol

  8. Ack, I'm already breaking my resolution to not do comment backs in my comment area....but I miss the "kitchen" that it was turning into!

    Kat: It would be a rental so, as Angie said, -- we'll let the owner take care of it! Yes, the car thing is going to be important, as we plan to definitely get one for maximum travel opportunities!

    Charity Childs: There's something in the air! And, yes, it was me. Hehe.

    Angi: Right on, sister. Stick it to the man!

    Joanie: Ah, an old time city girl, eh? I knew at least ONE person had to love that it was right next to that cool old wall... and right downtown. It does ooze character, doesn't it? I'm surprised my husband didn't make an offer on it, as it is SO him. (I would've killed him, though, had he done it!;)

    Rants: I've always had an "active" imagination, so who knows how many different lives I'll have played out in my head before we even get there! I will keep all of you in on the loop, 'kay? You'll be thankful to have be finally gone by the time it rolls around. ;^)

    ladyfi: Yes, I am definitely leaning toward village life now that I have a bit more info. And YES, the catchment area thing is HUGE. It will be nerve-wracking when we go over again in April and HAVE to find a place in a week that falls into a very specific geographical location. I'm starting to get a little panicky just talking about, so I'll stop now. ;)

    Braja: Oh, honey, you are all over the place! ARRRGH! KISSES!! BLOSSOMING!!! Calm down.... I'm still here! ;^)

    Thanks for the happiness! After my not intentionally so depressing last post I needed it!!

  9. I am soo, soo jealous! I love that little cottage. But downtown living sounds awesome!!

  10. Love the cottage! Absolutely! Need a border??

  11. That thatched roof looks great, but I'm partial to the bait keeper's place. Too much character to pass up.

  12. Just change the pronunciation to the "Bitch Keeper's Cottage" and it will be great! ;)

  13. Sorry, but I'm voting for Bait keeper's cottage. Why move abroad, to Europe, to England, to be out in the boonies? Don't you live in Wisconsin?!?!

  14. Oh I'm cracking up at Strange Pilgram's comment - and yes, I too have to vote for Bait Keeper's. The thatched roof is too Hansel and Gretel for my action and I'm just lovin' the whole hip vibe of Bait Keeper next to the ancient wall. AND YES! I am so excited for you! And for me and for all kinds of life's adventures that await!

    Things are looking up, up, UP!!

  15. I'm out of the loop. What is happening?

    Just change the cottage name to Jail Bait Keeper.

    You must have grass instead of concrete surrounding your house. Concrete will drive you mad. Trust me.

  16. Wow! Nothing like a little personality in a house ... I would take either one to be honest! This will be quite the adventure! I'm glad it is starting to seem like that for you!

    And I'm commenting on the previous post too -- I love the "throwing your head back in laughter." That is a good thing to do! Great photo! And keep on plugging with the whole ADD thing ... it seems like everyone has this now.

  17. Kristina: Yeah, I'm torn, too. City vs. Country vs. Village.... How can I decide??

    Simplicity: At how much these places cost to rent, yes, boarders will not only be welcome; they will be necessary!

    heinous: Character is something I can relate to. :)

    Temple: I want that to work, but then I'M the bitch and people might assume 007 is my keeper... Ew! ;-)

    Strange Pilgram: You bring up a very valid point! LOL

    Lee: I'm more Gretel than Hip Vibe in my advanced years, I think. ;) Imagine the cookies and pies I could make there!!

    Charmaine: Last I checked you were getting ready for a date with a kielbasa... what loop could you possibly be IN?? I am with you on the grass thing, for sure. And I love the Jail Bait Keeper!!! LOL

    Jenners: I am change-averse, so yes it is a good thing that the tide is starting to flow in the Yay!Happy Adventure!Rah Rah! direction.

    And thanks for tearing down my newly forged "I'm special and different because I've got ADD" identity. No, really, THANKS!!! ;-D lol

  18. I have not been following your blog closely but it looks like you are moving to England. That may be our next destination after a couple of years in the US. Not sure where yet, but its on the horizon.

  19. I'm just visiting you from Braja. It is always a bit strange to drop in on someone's life midstream, as you don't really grasp the circumstances, but I gather that you are planning a move to England this summer? I happen to be an American living more of less permanently in England . . . would be happy to help if you have questions. Winchester is a great place to live -- beautiful; decent shops; good concerts; a good market. (I wish that I lived there! We are outside of Newbury, about 45 minutes away.) That house looks fab!

  20. Love the cottage. So very cute.

  21. Brenda: Stay tuned for all the gory details of moving a household over. I'm sure I'll be sharing too much information about it over the next 7 months as we prepare.

    Bee: Thank you so much for the offer! I will be in touch via email.

    Jenn: I think it is like a fairytale come to life and, honestly, fulfills more of my childhood fantasies than a wedding ever could!


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