Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday

I'm pretty sure that my Christmas cards will contain at least a Thousand Words of photo frustration. I fancy myself a bit of a photographer and it is a yearly blow to my pride that I cannot get the boys together into a shot I deem suitable for the Christmas card. These pictures are fine. I guess. But no matter how great two of the boys look, there is always a third that is looking a little, shall we say....cognitively challenged? I am officially throwing my hands up in frustration and doing a triptych-style card this year. As opposed to throwing my hands up in despair and scrapping doing a card at all. Which is what I did last year. :)

In other news and photo fabulousity:
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Rants, from the ever delightful Ann's Rants, yesterday for lunch! We were like two ADHD sisters that hadn't seen each other for a year; not one sentence was finished before it was giddily derailed and headed off in a new direction. What a trip that not eight weeks ago we were just two gals struggling at home with our little boys, wondering how we were going to make it without something for our own. Our blogs were born of the same point of frustration and I am feeling like one lucky lady to have a new friend to share the ups and downs with. Note to self: I need to bring a notepad to write down the points of hilarity and post ideas next time, because I can't remember any specifics (except for the shared gyn-ee stories, those are burned in). ;)

Cheaper Than Therapy

Go spread some love to TheMomJen over at Cheaper than Therapy. Check out her site for the lowdown on the origins of Thousand Word Thursdays.


  1. I only have 1 and it was near impossible to get a Christmas card picture! I think those pictures are great!

  2. i know exactly how you feel about trying to get ONE good picture of 3 boys! i also have 3 boys and it is a challenge every time i get the camera out. i will tell the two oldest just look at the camera and smile so when i get your little brother to smile you two will be ready. HECK NO! they either have this really fake smile on their face or are looking at their brother. UGH!! the joys of boys! enjoy:)

  3. I hear ya!! I hope people appreciate the time, energy and bribery that it takes to get a GOOD Christmas card photo!!!

  4. Hilarious how similar our posts are about this photo. xo

  5. OH, ha ha I'm slow. Thanks for the linkys by the way. Your boys are ADORABLE. Maybe I'll have another...hawhawheeeeehawhawheee (maniacal laughing)

  6. Abby: Oh, dear, I hope you are just commiserating to be polite because if you're having problems with just one... My advice would be to NOT attempt having more or you will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of frustration and Christmas woes!! ;^) You rock for coming to the site- thanks!

    Bree: Yes, exactly! And I'm giving you a cyber-hug of solidarity for my sister-in-pain. We mothers-of-three-boys are a pitiful yet proud breed that needs as much help as possible. Thanks for coming to the Club!

    Oh, Rants! Seriously? Did you HEAR anything I said yesterday? I thought I got you so scared that you wouldn't even be able to JOKE about a third!

  7. Hanging with blog friends is wonderful!

  8. Proud Mommy: Yes, I feel generally under-appreciated. Of course, short of a full on parade of roses, nothing would be enough! ;)

    Kristina: Yes it is! I feel so lucky to have found her- it is just happenstance that a friend mentioned to me that they read this funny blog when I mentioned that I was starting to blog regularly.... I know Madison isn't that big, but c'mon! It's not that small, either.

  9. I'm still annoyed you had Indian food and didn't invite me. The nerve. And the Diazapan didn't is sucking. yogis take valium? I'm gonna have to look into that...

  10. Braja, honey, you WERE at our lunch; in spirit! Hovering around us, commenting on our food, our hair, our clothes, the circles under our eyes, our need of a good yogic work out,.... you even got in a pretty good one about my beat up winter boots that I galumph around in.! ;) We'll have to go to Ann Agains for a Virtual Girls' Night out sometime to make up for it!

    Sorry the diazepam isn't working out, they only make me sleep for about 1/2 an hour, but I LOVE the giggles that I get for the 15 minutes before I pass out!

  11. I have three sons too, it's nearly impossible to get a "good" photo of all three. We're all in the same boat!

    So cool that you can actually meet a blog friend in "real life". I have yet to do that. Utah? Utah, anyone?

    All the pics are cute btw.

  12. ALl those shots are great!!! Better than my infrontofthefireplace shots! Location, location!

    Cool that you met up with another blogger!

  13. Yeah, the diazis ain't workin' for me either. It's so menopausal...and i got the same thing: a woozy high for 20 mins and then bam, back to normal. Crap.

    Loved the NY/Kermit we're in each others heads, huh? Cool :)))

  14. So right now I'm sittin' here drinking organic decaf tea from Australia, Buddha's Tears...jasmine scented green tea balls. Forget the diazis, how Zen am I?

    Hey it's Ask the Blogging Yogi in about 5 hours from now. And you know what's comin'....

  15. C2+3: Oh, yeah, it usually comes down to one person in the picture either tormenting a brother or tormenting the photographer! Why are boys like that?!?

    TheMom: R U kidding?? Your little girl looked like an angel! And, I tried the fireplace and almost lost the toddler to the flames, so no more of those for us. ;)

    Braja: Hope the Zen gave you the serenity to sleep.

  16. OMG, Ann of Rants and TheMomJen?!? You are in awesome company! LUCKY!!!

    As for the photos...I'm right there with you - argh. I think it's genetic, though, because in most of the photos from my youth, I'm peering over my mom's gigantic fingernail (that's covering half the lens).


    BTW, thanks for becoming a follower - I really appreciate that! Your blog is awesome...

    Take care and happy holidays!

    :^) Anna

  17. I just discovered your blog and I really have enjoyed reading it. I can so relate to the post about the buttermilk. I have two little boys myself. Keep up the good work =)


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