Sunday, December 21, 2008

If I'm "It"--- then SO ARE YOU!

Kel over at Girl in the Glasses tagged me to participate in this completely inhumane meme, which I, in turn, inflict on you:
Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW and then post it (no makeup, no adjustments, no Photoshop, etc.). I'll understand if you don't do it. I have a Mac, which makes it a very easy task.... just open the Photobooth App and POW! it's done. So there it is. I took it yesterday morning while I struggled to read my email with the Animal jumping up and down on my lap. Can you tell?

I'd also like to let everyone know that it is -5˙ here in lovely Madison. We can expect a high of 2˙today. I was kind of freaking out about the moving-to-England-in-eight-months thing yesterday, but today, as I shiver in front of my computer, I am thinking that a move to a warmer climate will be great!


  1. How friggin' CUTE are you??? VERY!!

  2. You look great. The expression is priceless. I think I have the expression the majority of my day - or worse. Yeah, I think worse. I got tagged by someone for that meme too....and oh, well, I'm having trouble with my camera....

  3. Liz: Thanks, the cold keeps people fresh here, I guess!

    Lee: I find it difficult to wipe the exasperated face away when I am being jumped on or climbed like a play structure, which is pretty much anytime the two-year-old sees me on the computer. Gah!

    Kristina: Utah's got nothing on Wisconsin today.

  4. seriously, could you be any cuter? I hate you a little bit... ok, maybe not hate but I am definitly jealous.

  5. You look absolutely adorable! I couldn't stop laughing while taking my photo because I was wearing Funny Bunny pajamas and hoping the picture on the front wouldn't show up in the shot!! :)

  6. Ha! Moving to the UK for "better weather" is hilarious!! sorry...

  7. Simplicity: Your picture is adorable in an actual adorable way.... Love your smile!

    Braja: When you put it THAT way....

  8. Janie: Roaring fires in fireplaces or the woodburning stove are our only chance!

    Kel: Thanks. Now we're even, b/c I am jealous that you are able to read so much!!

  9. Girl. You think I'm wonderful? Your pix was hard to live up to, makeup or no!

    It was a fun game. I can't believe I had the Ba**s to do it!


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