Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wisconsin Ranked as Number One State for Drunks!

The NY Times ran a piece called, "Some See Big Problem in Wisconsin Drinking" over the weekend about Wisconsin's fondness for alcohol and drinking as an integral part of the "Wisconsin lifestyle" (those quotes are mine, I've lived here for ten years, so I'm quoting myself, I guess). The article hits many points that can be looked at as appalling, appealing, and sometimes both at the same time. Take this amazing paragraph that finishes the article:
In Mr. Whaley’s view, the bar can be a suitable place for families to gather, especially when the beloved Green Bay Packers are on the television. “On game days, a buddy of mine will come to the bar with his 2-year-old, his 8-year-old and his 10-year-old,” Mr. Whaley said. “He might get a little drunk. But his wife just has a few cocktails. It’s no big deal. Everybody has a good time.”
Now, I don't want to sound like a bad parent, but.... this is my family! I cringe a little bit because I guess, yeah, technically, a few cocktails might be over the line, but not when you are professional drinkers like we are up here. Honest to Pete, it's what keeps us warm all winter! And if you had my three boys, well, let's just say it might be difficult for you to keep a handle of Beam around the house for long, too. ;-)

Ok, ok,... I exaggerated a little bit a minute ago. Our family has never been able to stay in a restaurant long enough for any adult (or child-- boy, am I glad to be in possession of this nugget of new-found knowledge!) to be over-served. I'd love to have kids that we could stay in a confined public space for that long with, but with our three hellions it would never happen.

I'm off for my morning Mimosa.... Have a lovely day!


  1. lol and this photo speaks volumes

  2. Have one for me! I thoroughly enjoyed that, Amy...had me laughing from the word go. And what a nice surprise to see your face at the end :)

  3. Everybody has a good time. Because that is what is most important.

  4. great photo... and right on about WI being the drunk capital... we've all got to come from somewhere...

  5. Love that pic! You don't have time to get drunk, lady! (at least not when the kids are awake........

  6. Ha - great post! And, yes, that photo is priceless...


    Sorry - that slipped out...

    :^) Anna


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