Saturday, November 01, 2008

Weekend Photo Fragments

Halloween or Bust.... Thank God it's over....

Someone, quick, distract the kids: Time to hide the candy!

The Halloween craziness started early in the house. I agreed to host playgroup, fully aware that everyone's kids are home from school because of a conference. But, I was ok with the crowd because my house was already trashed... no worries, because it really couldn't get much dirtier! So, I rushed off to Trader Joe's to pick up goodies for the date, indulging in only one real treat: Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies! They looked so tasty when I got home that, of course, I immediately opened them and had half of one with my coffee and gave the other half to my two-year-old. Well, I ran around doing this or that and came back to the kitchen to catch Stu grabbing another one out of the box, "Stu! Please don't take any more!" Then I saw the box:
A bite or two out of every cookie! And then he reached in to take a poke at one while I was photographing it! What an angel.....
I'm sorry, did I say "angel"?! I meant DEVIL.... Imagine THIS coming to your door... RUUUNN!!!
Quick turn out the lights!!!

And here is a pic of the big boys on the block: can you guess what's popular right now? All I have to say, is if you are a idol-thieving crook or someone named Skywalker, you better watch your ass on this street.

P.S. Thanks to the folks over at Blogger Buster for helping me write the code to make a three column template! I was having way too much fun spiffing up my blog last night (who says you shouldn't blog tipsy??)

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