Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

My oldest one with his parakeet Jake.... who just got tame enough to ride around on his shoulder and went way up in popularity polls in the house in the process.

I love TheMomJen over at Cheaper than Therapy, check out her site for the lowdown on the origins of Thousand Word Thursdays.


  1. Is this really a thousand words? It looks suspiciously less.

  2. You caught me! I am totally phoning it in today.... grrrr. NaBloPoMa can GoBloMe!!!!!!

    Thanks for keepin' it real, Kristina!

  3. LOL at the two previous comments! I think the pic is darling and pet love is huge...

  4. Amy, Honey, you been CHEATED. That is NOT a parakeet. It is an Australian Budgerigar (yeah say it!). I am an Aussie, I know my budgies, and that is one on that gorgeous boy's shoulder. So, Amy, human mistress, meet Jake, Budgerigar (pronounced budgery-gar)

  5. Ahh, I see...undercover budgie. That might work. Re your question of photos: depends. If it's a post specifically about a subject around here, I'll have my own if I can take them in time to post...the rooster wasn't mine it was off the net. Ain't gettin' THAT close to a rooster!! The Rajasthani women isn't either: it was 11 yrs ago I lived there and didn't have a camera. But most of the others you see are mine...


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