Saturday, November 15, 2008

James Bond: Big Explosion. Take 323!

What a bummer! Quantum of Solace was turned into a James Bond movie! Where Casino Royale worked to erase the memories of past insufferably incoherent scripts and successfully made us care again, Quantum works almost as hard to bring the Bond franchise back to the Brosnan years (which were about par with the Joel Schumacher years of the Batman franchise- bleachhhh). And, I'm not afraid to say that the director really skimped on giving us the sexy Bond that we know and love, sure he had a roll in the hay with a comely MI5 office girl, but it was NOT enough. Especially when you have a human sex magnet like Daniel Craig to work with. Gimme break! The writers and director have squandered one of Craig's most charming qualities: instead of giving us smoldering sexuality, they gave us smoldering rage. And then didn't give us enough real feeling behind that rage to make us care.

I attended the premiere with what I consider to be at least three of Bond's biggest fans and we all walked away disappointed. It had it's moments, but they were too far and few between after we got to feast for a full two hours on Casino Royale.


  1. Ha! I walked out of the theater last night, telling my friends that there was not nearly enough sex and nudity in this film.

    And honestly, the plot was a bit hard to follow. It was OK, and I plan to watch Casino Royale this weekend. Daniel Craig is uber hot.

  2. Darn! I thought Daniel was the most sexy Bond to date. Too bad you say the plot ain't that great. I'll have to wait.

  3. I'm sad for you.

    Now get the hell over it---it was a MOVIE for chrissakes!!!

    You're a riot Amy.


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