Monday, November 03, 2008

James Bond and Brushes with the Stars

Is anyone else out there suffering from James Bond fever since Daniel Craig took over martini duties? I've been trying to get my husband into a powder blue set of swim trunks like the ones Bond wore in the last movie, for the last two years. Probably to my, and everyone's, relief, he has not succumbed to me urgings. He's very fit, but it just wouldn't be fair! It would be like him seeing, oh, I don't know, Charlize Theron in a particular halter top and short shorts and then asking me to wear them out on the town. Not happening.

I love US Weekly's section "Stars: They're Just Like Us!" What a load of B.S. I'm going to relate my own Brush With the Stars episode here: Our family went on vacation to Cabo last year after Christmas, it was not in Cabo San Lucas, but a little town about 1/2 an hour away from there, at a very pretty family resort. It was kind of cold for the first few days, so we spent most of our swimming time in the hottub, which there was only one of. Well, I was sitting on the edge while the two big boys (we got a babysitter to watch the 2 year old back home, for the week we were gone- best money we ever spent, BTW!) were splashing around. There was another guy in the hot tub who was very good looking with his son, who as it turned out, was also named Cooper and was the same age as my Coops. So we were chatting a little, blah, blah, blah and as my husband is walking up to get in, this guy gets out and as he rose out of the hot tub.... HOLY SHIT.... this guy is like Adonis walking out of God's mold of bodily perfection!!!! I was trying so hard to not gawk. (And failing miserably, I'm sure.) He flashed his million dollar smile and was gone. Hubby got in the tub and and we looked at each other and then he said, "Uh, did you SEE that guy?!?" We giggled and marveled at how unreal the guy was, I mean, seriously, you just don't see bodies like that on normal people. And then I realized that the guy looked familiar. I couldn't quite place him, but told my hubby I would figure it out, I knew that he was somebody. And I did figure it out by the next afternoon. Before I go any further, though, I would like to say, I do not watch soap operas. Really! I may be a SAHP, but I do not lie around watching soaps, nor do I have soaps on while I clean or cook or do anything else. That, however, does not mean that I have never watched soaps because I have. And I occasionally catch one on at the airport, or whatever. Anyway, it just so happens that the ONE soap that I do see every so often, has an apparently even more incredibly hot than he appears on TV guy on it that I just happened to now be hottubbing with. Ha! He was actually super nice and his wife was nice and stunningly gorgeous (while being almost 7 months pregnant! In a bikini!) and his two kids were sweet and well behaved.... gah! It was kind of ridiculous.

So, where was I going with all this? Ah, yes, Quantum of Solace, coming to a theater near you. With a smoldering hot Daniel Craig, hopefully filmed in many compromising positions....

And, why was I thinking about Daniel Craig, my favorite super-spy, this morning? Because, Jay, over at halftime lessons (who I feel like I am whoring for after mentioning two posts in a row) is hosting a new contest on Mondays, aptly called:
Go check it out-- it is a contest to get people introduced to new, cool blogs.

And here are a couple pictures taken at Palmas de Cortez from our trip to Mexico:

If you leave a comment, I will email you the name of the soap star that we met....


  1. Just found your blog thru Pak Adventures. Love any Stay at Home mom of 3 boys plus husband who makes 4th boy!

  2. OK so I need to know the name of the soap star you met, and what your blog was called before.


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