Sunday, November 23, 2008

It'll Drive You to Drink, I tell Ya'!

Grey Goose, take me away!!! I recommend vodka for all your holiday blues. Guaranteed to enliven (then perilously darken) every event you attend. Oh, dear. I just realized that I have a history of this kind of behavior! I was having my darling hubby take a picture of me and the ginormous Grey Goose bottle when I realized that I already have a picture of me in the almost exact same pose.... taken at a Halloween party my sophomore year in college. My amazing mom sewed this nun's wimple for me, probably not knowing that I was going to the party dressed as "Sister Mary Jack." Oh, Mom! Don't worry: whatever I dished out as a teen is nothing compared to what I am getting with my three boys now (let alone what they will come up with when they are teenagers!) Lord help me, indeed.

There isn't a priest out there that could save me!


  1. If you ever get a chance, try one of these two vodkas. I used to be a Grey Goose girl myself, but when I found these two I was flew the coop!
    Froggie B - filtered 6 times as opposed to GG which is only 3 times. Found out it's actually a better vodka than GG without the same ad campaign and marketing. Go fig.
    3 (Three) This is a soy vodka and omigosh is it smooth. This is what I get now and I must say, it's great. There is also a version for the party animal that likes to stay up all night that's called 3AM which is fortified with caffeine or somesuch. Not for this old wabbit.. I'll take plain old rot-gut, thank you!

  2. You're more gorgeous now than you were as a sophomore. And you'd make a fine nun. I reckon there's plenty of priests who'd love to "help" a nun like that :)_))))

  3. I'm a beer drinker myself, and there's more than one shot of me with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
    Wait. What was my point?!

  4. Wabbit: Truly an expert! I will give them a try and that 3AM sounds like a dream come true. What do you think happens if you mix it with Red Bull???

    Braja: *blush* :)

    Oh, Pearl.... I figured you as a cocktail girl! Tell me, at least, that you are drinking micro-brews!

    And it is revealed. I am a drink snob!

  5. I think it works to be a drink snob. Especially when you're drunk....

  6. These photos are hilarious. You can keep the Jack but I will snuggle up with grey goose anytime!


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