Tuesday, November 04, 2008

High Powered Business Woman

Okay, maybe not an entirely accurate description. But I am, in fact, on a business trip. I am ensconced in the 52 Strafford Inn in Plymouth, WI at this very moment! Surfing porn and CNN, just like a real-live traveling businessman! Actually, I am glued to Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert election coverage and the coverage on NYtimes.com. I think Obama has this wrapped up and I am so excited and relieved and the tightness in my chest is finally subsiding! I love that Jon S. just said, "The U.S. has just proved itself on a world stage as a Shown- country, not just a Tell-country!"

OMG they just called Obama as the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for our country and hooray for us!! Long live the American Dream!!!

OK, now I need to get back to preparing for my meeting/thing tomorrow. I'll be away from my computer ALL day and I am very nervous that I will start de-toxing by about 11am. I'm going to have to get the internet intravenously to keep from going into cardiac arrest, if I'm not careful. I'm hoping that we will break for an early lunch, it might be my only hope!

Oh, in case you are wondering: No, I'm not missing the kids. :)


  1. OK so what happened to your job hunting thing? It was at about this point I stumbled upon you, and the post that hooked me was the one about your Jacks fuelled karaoke night out with your friend. I loved that...


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