Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giddy procrastination with Sneaking Dread

For the love of god, I procrastinated ALL DAY Monday. Not one bit of coherent work done (except for the damned personality test). I guess I laid the foundation for a good presentation for my Digital Trends in Libraries class, but now here I am working up until the last minute (as I procrastinate just a bit more by writing my blog post for Tuesday! That NoBloMoPa can GoBloMe in a few more days....). Fortunately I can relieve myself of any guilt about said procrastination because I had all kinds of important things to do to keep me from the true work that needed to be done, like checking my statcounter ("drink me" it cried from the innards of my computer and I dove into that rabbit hole like there was a slice of raspberry chocolate cake at the bottom), watching my blog counter creep toward 1000 hits (heeee!), reading Mission:Impossible Monday blogs and leaving impossibly witty, thoughtful comments on each, obsessively reading my friends' blogs, checking up on my beloved Cake Wrecks and perusing the NY Times. How do you women (and men) out there that work manage to keep up with a blog??? It takes a huge amount of time to maintain!! Granted, thus far it is a labor of love, so I don't consider it "work," but you know what I mean, right?

Anyhoo, I was up until almost 2 am finishing up my awesome and informative powerpoint and I am now waiting for my hubby to get home so I can use him as my guinea pig while I do a test run. If you have any, and I do mean any, questions regarding the "Basecamp" project management on-line service, you just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to share my knowledge on the topic. Have a great day!


  1. Hell that was funny, NaBloPoMo, GoBloMe for sure. Anyway I say we jump shit (typo but it works) jump ship and BloNaBloPoorMe to hell. I'm tired of being pressured. I might do a post, "100 Reasons To Not To Blog Daily."

  2. My my gosh. What was up with that super creepy life size pregnant lady in a tub cake? Who would eat that? What were they thinking?

  3. Am I 1000, Am I Am I, huh huh??

  4. Cool it, Ann. You need to take a break from those boys of yours!!

  5. Honey I'm back with the goods!!
    All your blogging dreams are coming true (??!)
    You just got awarded!!


    Now get that badge on your site and don't start goin' all nice on me, or it all goes to hell...I still wanna be an anti GoBloMeForNov girl with you...

  6. To follow up: My presentation was... meh. It's over, so that it the best I have to report. It would've been better if I hadn't had the bright idea to change the "logo" that I had set up in my Basecamp account for the online demo portion of the presentation. I had a little Drupal (look it up) guy which was just there. I thought that it might be cuter to put a funny little pic of my 2-year-old as the logo and uploaded it during class (and didn't verify how it looked). Jump to the start of the demo: I pull up the account and there is a GIANT photo that literally takes up half the opening screen of my son Stu with his mouth wide open and his tongue hanging out. I could almost hear my prof. tsk, tsk, tsk from the back of the room. She cautioned up early on in the semester, "NEVER do online demos as part of a demonstration! There are too many ways it can go horrible wrong." True, true....



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