Friday, November 14, 2008

Bollywood Queen of the Night

I need to add photos to my Friday's Feast post below, so until I get a chance to do that later this afternoon.... A video for my inner Bollywood queen!


  1. I've seen this before...Summer Lovin' from Grease.

  2. Oh glorious glorious Bollywood Queen! I just asked my absolutely gorgeous Bollywood Star nephew what this song means, and here it is: It is a dance between Krishna and his number one girl, Radha. Being the absolute flirt that he is, he's always distracted by the girlfriends of Radha, the gopis (cowherd girls). The main chorus of 'Radha kaisa na jale' means, "How can Radha not be jealous," or "how can Radha not burn?"

    I know, it's incredible, but this service is free, compliments of your Indian connections. Which, incidentally, totally rock...

    Here's said Bollywood Star nephew's ad:

  3. No no no no...this is the link: sorry!!


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