Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ANOTHER therapist? Seriously??

At the behest of my 2 y.o.'s preschool, I called up our county's Birth to Three program to have The Animal's (yes, it is a term of endearment) language evaluated. He has always lagged behind, but I chalked it up to his being the youngest of three and that we had it all so figured out that he never had to say exactly what he needed, because we just knew. Well, it turns out that his language is not significantly delayed, but they are concerned with his impulsivity and his significant self-regulation deficiencies, as well as the worrisome drooling that indicates some sensory problem.

What tipped them off to these "self-regulation" issues (that seem kinda like a no-brainer diagnosis for a 2 y.o.)? The Animal was completely charming during most of the interview, playing nicely with the Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist that were conducting the survey. He warmed the cockles of my heart every time he said "peeeze!" or "fank you!" for a toy and met my expectations when he got every color wrong that they asked him to identify.... And then the interview started to end and they told him that it was time to put the toys away. He whined, "No." and then smacked the bag of toys out of the Speech woman's hand with a mighty forehand. She picked it up and he yelled, "NO!" as he knocked it out of her hand again, this time aiming for across the room. Then the OT got in on the game as she started to collect her puzzle pieces and asked the Animal to help her by getting the plastic bin that the pieces belonged in. He picked it up, I had a brief hopeful moment, and then he chucked it at her head. Sigh. I shrugged my shoulders at the ladies and simply said, "You can see why we called. I could really use some help here."

They were very sweet and explained that it was a good thing that he was exhibiting this behavior for them so they can see what he is really like. A week later we got the paperwork that he is eligible for therapy twice a month, courtesy of the state of Wisconsin. God, I love this place sometimes!

So the only catch is this: The Animal was the LAST person in our family to not be in therapy. I'm in it to make sense of my 30s and life as I know it, my husband and I are in it to save our marriage from spontaneous combustion, Theo's in it for his "sensitivity" issues, and, god love him, Coops is in for his ADHD. Is it too soon in the story to heave another sigh?

All I have to say is that if we are not the most mentally healthy family in the fucking world by this time next year.... well, I'm just going to have to give up on this whole therapy thing! :-)

P.S. Only five more days of this NaBloPoMo madness--- Wahooo!!!


  1. Hang in there, Mama! Props for keeping your eyes open and getting the animal what he needs. Hey, if you weren't as crazy as the rest of us, whatever would you blog about? xoxox and we need another bistro visit SOON.

  2. Hey, have the boys tried vodka? Just sayin'.... :)

    You know I was thinking today, what a screwed up world we live in, and how my family life was so Addams family-ish, y'know? And that's a normal one. . . any help you can give those kids now is a bonus. Seriously...

  3. I've been in therapy most of my adult life. my sister went, my mother and although my father and my oldest sister could REALLY use a few sessions themselves, both refuse.

    I say hats off to you and your husband for seeking help.

    I found you through Annsrants. (Hi there Ann if you are reading this) I told her, I love your group, your "sensibility".

  4. Here's to mental health. :)

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday!

  5. Constantly teetering on the edge, Braja. Monday was a double therapy day, so it's always tough. :)

  6. Sounds like you need a break in an Indian village :)

  7. i'm stressed just reading this... i hope you find a solution soon... happy turkey week...

  8. Braja: Yes, sometimes I think I need a whole heck of a lot more than Calgon to take me away! Not sure if Calcutta is going to ease the tension, though.... Yes, yes, I know Calcutta and Mayapur are different.

    Marla: Don't stress! It is all done with the aim of getting better. :) My 6th sense tells me that these kids are going to be really awesome some day!

  9. Calcutta would TOTALLY ease your tension. The fun you'd have is indescribable...

  10. Maybe we can move to WI and get Eden some help with her impulse control too. Good luck with the Animal!


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