Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trip to Okoboji

We had a wonderful weekend visiting my husband's kooky family in Iowa this weekend. We brought our babysitter, Gina, a sixteen year old godsend, with us for support with the kids. My hubby and I have discussed live-in nannies at several different points... hello, au pair!... but have shied away because we thought it would be too weird, our house is too small, no way would it work.... Well, I gotta say after a weekend with her around, we are singing a different tune! Too bad we didn't realize this until AFTER the stock market tanked and we are going to be hard up for extra funds. Oh, well, such is life. But it was awfully nice to have here there to run interference with the boys all weekend, making our visit a real pleasure instead of a near nervous breakdown. I'm posting a few pictures. I really wish I had taken more of their house, which is on the lake and a really cool old rambling Victorian. It is packed to the rafters with a million different collectibles of all stripes, a treasure in every nook and cranny, if you are looking! I got a couple snaps and a great one of their golden retrievers waiting to come in after a swim with Stu. I am glad to be home, but the boys have just finished sucking the soul out of me with a hideous, drawn out bedtime affair.... started at 7:30 and it seems that all is finally quiet at 9pm. Ugh. They will be beasts tomorrow morning for school!Some of the treasures in our family's Okoboji abode.... this winged horse is part of the extensive collection of her Trail of Painted Ponies, the figurines behind and surrounding are more interesting, but taken as a whole.... ??? Not sure what to make of them!This little elephant is a reminder of her daughter who passed away....

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  1. I LOVE the trail of painted ponies-- my fiance bought me my first one!!

    I WANT that winged horse!! lol
    do you know if they're still making it?


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