Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag- I'm It! (Sort of.)

I admit it, I tagged myself! When I saw Marla post a picture after she got tagged by a friend to post the sixth picture in the sixth folder of her pictures file, I couldn't resist and went to go find what my picture folder held....
This is our youngest, Stu, in front of our cottage in Clear Lake. The lake is in front of him and I have crazily over-exposed the photo. The Air Chairs hang in the two trees in immediately in front of our place and provide the best seats in the house on pretty much any day or evening. I remember rolling my eyes when my hubby came home from some boat show with them and rolling my eyes again when he proposed hanging them on our porch (!), and then rolling them a final time when I spotted them still unopened four years after he had bought them.... but then he finally put them up in those trees and they have been a delight ever since. My husband the Visionary!


  1. I know there are a million 'Clear Lakes' out there, but does your happen to be in Iowa? What a great picture.

    I was thinking about doing this tag too, but the last one got me into too much trouble :)

    Thank you for the bloggy visit.

  2. Ah, what a beautiful photo of a beautiful memory! Talk about bliss like this, eh?


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