Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Darlings. Sigh....

Well, one night, as it turns out, is one too many when it comes to freezing their asses off on the Mississippi River.... all the menfolk arrived home a day earlier than expected. I had a lovely evening lined up for Saturday: going to see W. at the Sundance Fancy-Pants Cinema with an old friend who I haven't seen in forever and then cocktails and dinner (if we were lucky enough to get a table) at my favorite Italian restaurant. The movie started at 4:20. I got a call from DH (dear husband) around 3 telling me the boat was out of the water and that he and the boys would be arriving home around 6:30- would I arrange to have Pizza Hut waiting for them when they arrived? All innocent and pleased with himself for coming home early. !?!?! No, no, no, I whimpered in my head.... This cannot be happening- Pizza Hut instead of Lombo's? So, I called him back and said that I hoped he would understand if I passed on the pizza fest at home with him and three starving children fresh off a three-hour drive.... and then texted him the number of the nearest Pizza Hut. Phew!

I ended up having the best night out with my friend, Sue, whom I hadn't seen in ages, much less gotten to spend some QT with. She liked W. more than I did, but we both rabidly hate Bush, so she was the perfect person to go see the movie with. We are both liberals married to Republicans, so we share a like burden in life. ;-) It is tough to not be able to talk politics in your own home!

I had great plans to go out and take some photos on Sunday to post, but well, the chaos was back and it never materialized. I was, in fact, a very mean mommy today. Fed up to HERE with my argumentative eldest son! I swear he is being sent to boarding school-- our entire family awaits the day!

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