Friday, October 17, 2008

Mom's Gone Wild!!!!

Judy Blume was fabulous two nights ago at UW. I'm not sure how old she is, but WOW does she look great from 50 feet away!! She was funny in that she seemed so nervous, but one would think she has to give talks all the time. She was just like a twenty-something in tone, body language, and the way she fluttered her hands when she got emotional. I fell in love with her! My favorite thing that she revealed was that when she decided to start writing she wanted did not want her books to ever be the kind of book that kids would have to write a report on. :) She wanted to write about the stuff that parents keep secret from their kids. She said that she HATED the secrets that her parents kept from her and that she was a terribly anxious child for it.

Now, on the topic of Moms Gone Wild.... My husband just packed up the Suburban and all three boys and headed out of town for the weekend! What, oh what, shall I do with these 48+ hours of freedom and alone time? I am trying to rally someone to go out tonight to dinner. I may head out to catch a 4 o'clock movie. I may lie on the couch and read The 10 Year Nap for awhile and then catch up on Mad Men episodes.... Dear me, the choices!! I could almost feel guilty for feeling so good about being alone for awhile, but I don't and won't. ;-)


  1. enjoy your time... and how cool is that that you got to see Judy Blume... love her!

  2. I LOVE Judy Blume. Loved her books as a kid and have really enjoyed her adult fiction as well.

    Have a great time with all your free time...color me jealous!


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