Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am definitely feeling better today.... For the first time in weeks, actually. And am wondering if it has something to do with the awesome session of Guitar Hero and Rock Band fun that I had with my hubby last night. And, NO, that is not a euphenism for something else! Or, if it had something to do with rather unpleasant financial news we got the day before yesterday....and who isn't getting unpleasant news these days from their financial advisers? The upshot to the unpleasantness is that this might be just the impetus I need to get me out of the house and back in to the workplace. I have struggled so much this year with wanting the fulfillment of a job but not wanting to hand over the house to my husband. Or give up my time to go to the gym, or to cook lavish dinners on weeknights, or have coffee with my girlfriends at 10 in the morning. So many selfish reasons to stay home, but none of them add up to me being fullfilled. So,.... I am going to wait one more day and then I am going to post on my facebook account that I am looking for a job in hopes that one of my many working friends will know of something. :) My timing could not be more dreadful as every body and company is tightening their belts, but at least I will be working toward a specific goal. And that, folks, makes this mama happy!I took this picture in the Apostle Islands of northern Wisconsin, in Lake Superior. We took our boat from island to island to go exploring and hiking. It was so beautiful and a little scary because these little islands have bears! Like big black bears that will attack you for a peanut butter sandwich. There are signs all over to not carry food with you and make LOTS of noise as you walk around. Traveling with two boisterous boys there wasn't a chance we would catch one unawares, but I was still nervous. I'd also like to say that there is something magical about the way light filters through pine trees. There is no other light like that in the world and I hope to live amongst pine trees before I die. It just seems like their very presence lends a sense of serenity to everything around them.

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