Wednesday, October 29, 2008

House With View (of street and neighbors)

This is my view out the front door. All our houses are packed in pretty tight on our little three-block avenue, but I love it! We moved in ten years ago, when the street was full of older couple that had already sent their kids off to college; my, how things have changed! Now there are 20 kids age nine and younger. The moms get together for Friday morning coffee and may are involved with a playgroup that I have been in for the past six years. It is a wonderful place and the people are amazing. I imagine moving into a bigger house with more yard space someday, but can't imagine leaving my beloved block.

Thanks, Marla, for asking for views!!!


  1. Your neighborhood is so pretty! What a great place to raise kids.

  2. That is so picturesque! Found you through Mommy Chronicles and thought I would say hello!

  3. Hello Amy!
    Thanks for visiting me yesterday.
    So, you and I had the same anxiety issue huh? (I'm using the past tense, but it can come creeping back sometimes. I just hate it!)
    I'm sure I can help my girls with this issue because I was a pro.

    I just love the picture of your front door view! Are participating in Jen's at "Cheaper Than Therapy" Thousand Word Thursday?


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