Tuesday, October 07, 2008

At the Risk of Sounding like a "Proud Parent," I Present....

"My Book of Months" by Cooper Windsor

In January, I sled down a hill by the Chinese [restaurant].
In February, I get sticker.
In March, I am going to Sea Land and Disneyland.
In April, I had a bad Easter.
In May, I ate a pear.
In June, on the bus I got 2 pieces of gum.
In July, I shot fireworks.
In August, I finally got past the 1 where you're a fox.
In September, I like school.
In October, CANDY TIME!
In November, I make leaf piles.
In December, it gets cold.

I'll start with the fact that Cooper has already brought home roughly twice the amount of written work that Theodore did for the entirety of first grade, that makes me adore him so much. I also love that the three holidays that are mentioned in the months all relate to candy (stickers for Valentine's come with the candy, Easter-and I still need to investigate on why he thought it was a bad one last April, and his FAVE holiday Halloween). I also love that his point of reference for where we go sledding is not that it is the soccer field, but that it is very close to our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Really, though, I am just totally impressed! And, think it is hilarious that October is officially: CANDY TIME!!!!! Whoooo Hooo!!!!!

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