Monday, September 08, 2008

New Obsessive Behaviour to Examine

Well, I was finally breaking that habit of obsessively checking my facebook and now I am obsessively checking the online discussion boards of my two classes. I am seriously beginning to think that I might have ADD! I guess the only saving grace here is that I don't obsessively make the boys wash their hands or try and make them smell good. My obsession in my own and I am not pushing it on anyone else.

That said, my two classes are fantastic so far (a week in, one assignment down). After much waffling, I am certain (for the time-being :D) that I want to concentrate on youth services at the library school. The reading is such a pleasure; both the books and the articles regarding the books, that it seems ridiculous to NOT pursue it. The tech class looks like it will be a real challenge, but not so intense to be scary.

Alright, enough about me. I need to get the little one off to bed for a nap so I can watch the highlights from last night's VMAs. I heard Brit looked and sounded fab and I think that Russell Brand, however odd he might be, is pretty yummy!

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