Friday, August 15, 2008

Countdown to the Apocalypse

The boys are returning from their 20-day cross country trek, with my now officially sainted parents, on Wednesday. Thursday morning Theodore is due at the hospital to get his tonsils out! I've heard from many friends that the recovery from this operation is not a big deal, but I will not underestimate the neediness of my eldest son. I fully expect him to be near death, which he will let us all know by moaning and crying incessantly. He will require eating in bed, because he will only have the strength to move from bed if a Wii controller is placed in hand and he is lured to couch with Popsicles. Did I mention that he is almost 9 years old? He does not have a stoic bone in his body! Which is extremely aggravating to his father and I (but I will freely admit that he gets this character trait from me-It is common knowledge in my family that I am incapable of "suffering silently," or as my hubby likes to say, "If my wife is unhappy, then I am miserable.").

School starts on September 2nd--for everyone in the family! The boys start at their schools, I start back at the university, and Crayke is taking an AutoCad class. I have already taken the liberty of scheduling therapy sessions for Crayke and I so we can deal with the impending time/power struggles that are inevitable.

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