Friday, November 09, 2007

Pre-Librarian Stress Syndrome (PLSS, pronounced pleez, for short)

Here I am, two months into my pre-cursor to grad school. I can tell you this: two classes + a toddler + two other kids + a husband = near insanity

So far, so good, though. I love the classes I am taking and am very into the progressive, "let's use our librarian skills to right social injustice!" aspect of the whole program.... I know there are others out there like me, not as many as I think there are, probably, but there have got to be a few. I have evidence that there are-- I just got back from a reception honoring the JLG's (Jail Library Group) 15th anniversary. What a great program! (Side note: I have a good friend who works at the Public Defender's office who says that everyone there is a bleeding heart liberal- they see everyday what happens to the poor people who have been shuffled to the bottom of the deck for their entire lives and it's almost like they don't have hope to end up anywhere except jail. On another sidenote: That skeezy public defender on Night Court, Dan, I think his name was, gave all public defenders a bad name. To all the idiots like me out there who thought that night court was really like that....) That this group of students have maintained a library for inmates for 15 years is amazing and should be applauded. They actually work with the prisoners, distributing books personally in all Dane County facilites except the ones in "lock down" (don't ask- it's probably exactly what you think it means), where the books are distributed by officers or guards, I assume. The two main points of brilliance that I took away from the event: 1. Literacy rates are directly tied to a person's likelihood to go to jail. 2. The Kids Connections program allows inmates to read a storybook while being recorded by the volunteer so the tape can be sent to his child(ren).

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