Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is it wrong to want a new computer to accomplish just ONE thing??

I just saw that Apple's new iLife suite has the option to publish your photos to these tiny little flip books.... Yet another instance of wishing that all things Apple were available to the millions of PC people out there. "Why can't we be part of your club?," I find myself wondering. It's like the cool kids that you admire and secretly wish you could be like, but, well, being liked by EVERYONE, so don't really want to be like. Know what I mean? (That was a lotta likes to weed through!) I mean, don't let me fool you.... I WAS one of those fringe kids way back when. But now I am a herd mentality, Dell weilding PC-er that is hopelessy, monetarily entrenched on this side of the fence. What's a girl who wants every new gadget and tech-treat to do??

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